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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Sellout: JPFO to be handed off to SAF — unless we stop it

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

I was hoping I wouldn’t have to post this, but now that we’re out of alternatives I’ll be as succinct as I can and attempt (no doubt unsuccessfully) to keep my most heated personal judgments to a minimum.


“A housewife and a cat will both chase mice out of the kitchen. But the cat wants more mice to come back.”

— Aaron Zelman

Somebody reminded me this week of that statement from Aaron, the late, great founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. That was how Aaron contrasted himself and JPFO with Alan Gottlieb and Gottlieb’s SAF/CCRKBA.

Aaron wanted to educate people so that victim disarmament would go away. He would have been thrilled to be able to close JPFO’s doors and say, “We’ve done it.”

On the other hand, he despised Alan Gottlieb and saw him as an opportunist who used scary mailings to turn SAF/CCRKBA into a fundraising factory. He saw Gottlieb as a person who needed and wanted “gun control” because that’s what kept the money and the publicity flowing.

Gottlieb certainly confirmed many of the things Aaron said about him when he supported the Manchin-Toomey (really Manchin-Toomey-Schumer) universal background check bill last year. He even boasted of having spent hours helping to write the bill.

Now, the JPFO board of directors has hatched a plan to hand JPFO over to SAF — a merger that is scheduled to be finalized next week if JPFO supporters don’t stop it.

At the end of this post, I’m going to ask you to take action and give you contact information. But first let me tell you what little I know.

One of the things I know — the biggest thing I know — is that a viable plan exists to keep JPFO healthy and independent. And so far the board won’t even acknowledge it.

The beginning

On Thursday, August 14, JPFO’s managing director Doug Schuett sent the following to me and one other JPFO contractor:

Friday & Monday as a board we discussed our options for JPFO. Yesterday just before I left I did receive a merger agreement from Second Amendment Foundation that they are willing to merge JPFO under their organization and keep it as a separate entity. They are very interested in keeping the JPFO writing team and webmaster intact and be a seamless transition.

Other JPFO team members were told the next day.

Now, JPFO struggled badly after Aaron’s 2010 death, but in the spring of 2013, Doug was hired and began to pull the organization back from the brink. This wasn’t easy, but by May 2014, membership had more than doubled from its post-Aaron lows and contributions and sales were strengthening.

I started working for JPFO again last November after a long absence, and soon we had a team of excellent writers. Recently, Doug added a part-time PR director and an industry coodinator — great people with a long-time passion for JPFO — and we were in the process of bringing on a professional spokesperson. You couldn’t have wanted a better team, and Doug was a supportive boss.

Still, it wasn’t always easy. Nothing was ever certain, and there had been talk that at some point JPFO might have to give up its offices and move into Doug’s home. There was even talk of asking another group to take JPFO under its wing. But that talk never seemed serious; it was more like “someday we might …”

And that talk was never, ever, ever about SAF. Some of us would have howled the walls down had such a proposal ever been run by us. Everybody with any long-time connection to Aaron knew his contempt for Gottlieb and knew (even more importantly) that JPFO’s dedication to absolute hardcore gun rights could never live at peace with Gottlieb’s chronic compromising.

In June, sales and new memberships dropped off. Normal for summer, I gather. But tough for an outfit just pulling itself back from a long struggle. By this month, JPFO was facing a potential shortfall. But we’re talking low single digits k here. Not anything huge.

Still, the panic over this shortfall seems to have spurred one rogue board member — a man who has always been certain of his own absolute rightness, even when his actions repeatedly lead to disaster — to take it unto himself to offer JPFO to SAF.

JPFO has only three board members. Two of them have been around a long time and I’m sure have given excellent service to JPFO in the past. But they’re tired, worn out, and they haven’t been active in JPFO management for a long time. One of them has gotten himself into dire financial straits. They are simply exhausted and preoccupied. They are too weary to deal proactively with JPFO any more. Both have talked repeatedly about resigning from the board, but always end up hanging on.

And with a board of three, any two can prevail.

Thus it was that with no warning whatsoever and no attempt to bring the fantastic JPFO team in to help find creative alternatives, we had SAF thrust upon us.

And somehow, this newly announced deal was going to be finalized before the end of the month. August 26 or August 28 were the dates we were given.


You’re going to hear me say “apparently” and “seemingly” and “so I’ve been told” quite a bit in this post. Because since that abrupt announcement, it’s been impossible to get information from anyone who knows what’s happening. Questions go unanswered. Details shift. Nobody knows anything. No information can be counted on. Communication becomes more scanty and sketchy every day.

For a while, Doug continued to try to funnel information to us, but he really didn’t have any. Now there is just silence from the leadership.

So forgive me, but some of what I’m saying is conjecture or second-hand information and I’ll try to be clear about which parts are which.


The lie

I have been told that SAF is not even paying any money for JPFO — that they’ll gain possession (and control of JPFO’s inventory, membership rolls, reputation, and everything else) — merely for covering the projected August shortfall.

I don’t know if this is true, but I believe it is. If so, it gives you an idea of just what a panic, and what a complete disregard for JPFO’s future, history, legacy, and reputation is driving the merger plan.

Still, for those first few days, there was that one little comfort: that SAF planned to — wanted to — intended to — was going to! — keep the JPFO team intact.

The directors would all have to resign their positions. Doug would lose his job because operations would be moved to SAF headquarters. And I’d choose to leave because I wouldn’t work for Gottlieb. But others would stay on as long as Gottlieb didn’t try to force them to go along with his compromises. JPFO would go on and it would just be a bump in the road.

Then Monday evening, the 18th, I got a mournful message from Doug via his home email. It said in part, “SAF made no inquiries on keeping anyone, that was [board member] being [himself] with good intentions.” There had never been any discussion about keeping JPFO intact.

I don’t know how anyone could tell a flat-out lie to an entire organization “with good intentions.” But so it was.

Does SAF plan to keep parts of JPFO functioning? Impossible to know. Does SAF plan to dismantle JPFO and bury its bones in some gun-rights graveyard? Impossible to know. Does SAF plan to use JPFO’s resources and reputation to make more money? Of course. Does SAF plan to use the legacy of a great man for cynical, compromising purposes that would have Aaron rolling in his grave?

You can bet on it.

Will JPFO’s priceless, unique anti-genocide voice be lost? It will. Will JPFO, the only one of its kind, aggressive, and eternally principled, be allowed to remain what it has been and must be? No. There is no such thing as a JPFO run by the compromising “Mr. Manchin-Toomey.” It’s an impossibility. Say goodbye to the purest, most resolute, most attitudinal voice in gun rights. Goodbye forever.


Having been lied to changed everything. Knowing that the superb JPFO team would almost certainly be dismantled changed everything.

A plan takes shape

That same evening I fired a message back at Doug without even giving it any real thought: What if an “investor group” of sorts came back with a better proposal? Could we present it to the board?

Doug was in favor of trying — though I admit that by Tuesday morning the light of day made such a plan look difficult to me and I was sorry I’d even brought it up.

Nevertheless, over the next several days, such a plan almost magically coalesced.

A life member of JPFO (who has Aaron-like words about Gottlieb) offered to cover the August shortfall — and more. As long as JPFO remained independent.

Several JPFO people, a mix of Jews and Gentiles, started kicking around ideas — ideas for decentralizing operations, modernizing the group’s website, cutting costs, doing new things without huge investments. Not only did the ideas flow, but so did the offers to carry them out. Problems I’d seen as insurmountable suddenly became easy, thanks to the skills, willingness, and resources of several people already working with JPFO and totally dedicated to its cause.

It was amazing. JPFO people are amazing. Right away we could see that we had something that was going to work. Something that was totally JPFO-centered. People were volunteering to do things they’d normally be paid for. They offered to do things outside their normal scope. They turned aside compensation. They offered or gave their own money. All to save JPFO.

But the deadline looms

Knowing the terrible next-week deadline was looming, I immediately started pushing Doug to tell the board we had a counteroffer to present. Get a conference call together. Notify them by email. Let us bid to save JPFO!

One key element was to get the board to agree to cancel the SAF merger or at the very least to postpone it long enough to give us a chance not only to present our rescue plan but to examine JPFO’s financials and bylaws, formalize our ideas, and perform other due diligence.

Day after day, though … no conference call. No response from the board. Less and less communication from the normally loquacious Doug. Well, things are difficult. One board member is in therapy for his illnesses. The one most eager to sell us out just went to his sister’s funeral.

I’m sorry for everyone’s difficulties. But for months now it’s been like that. These two men, difficult as their lives are, cling to control of JPFO long after they’ve lost any real interest. The board appears to be selling JPFO out just because they personally don’t feel like dealing with it any more — which is not a reason! There are other people ready to attack JPFO’s very handleable problems with enthusiasm and commitment.

On Wednesday Doug asked me to email an outline of our proposal to all three board members, which I did — stressing the urgency of at least temporarily backing away from submersion in SAF to give us time.

To date, there hasn’t even been an acknowledgment that they’ve received the outline. Not so much as an, “It’s here and we’ll think about it.”

And still, the deadline looms.

I don’t actually know how realistic it is to think JPFO will irrevocably hand itself over to SAF by next week. I can’t be sure of what they mean by “finalized.” Who knows? There might be unexpected delays. Nobody can be sure about anything because we can’t get any information. Everything about this merger is secretive and authoritarian. All I know is that one of the few consistent pieces of information we’ve been given is that next week is the drop-dead date. So I have to believe it.

I told Doug I’d publically disclose what I know by Friday the 22nd if the board hadn’t agreed to postpone the SAF merger and hear us out by then. And here we are.

What now?

If you are a JPFO member or donor, ask questions. Demand answers. Don’t accept evasions or silence. Tell them you don’t want your personal information placed in SAF’s relentless direct-mail churn.

If you are a blogger who cares about gun rights, please blog what’s going on.

If you participate in forums that cover Second Amendment issues, please spread the word.

If you care about JPFO and you know others who do, tell them what’s being done behind their backs.

Please contact JPFO’s three board members and tell them what you honestly think.

UPDATE: There is now also an online petition you can sign!

Some people may believe the JPFO/SAF merger is made in heaven. If you think that, then by all means feel free to contact the board members and tell them, “Good going, guys. Don’t listen to that interfering b*tch, Claire Wolfe and those other guys. You just merge away.”

But if you think otherwise, tell them that, too. Politely, please. Don’t threaten, yell, or be profane (not that you would, anyhow). But tell them what JPFO really is to you — not just some disposable appendage of Gottlieb’s fundraising factory.

Tell them whatever is true for you. But if one of those truths is that you have supported a strong, hardcore, independent JPFO and you want no other kind, tell them that.

If you admired Aaron and consider the planned merger a betrayal of his life’s work, tell them that.

If you want your donations back because you now believe that you gave under false pretenses, tell them that.

If you want them to halt the SAF merger and give our alternative plan a fair hearing, tell them that.

If you want them to halt the SAF merger but do something else besides hear our plan, tell them that. I am not trying to push our particular plan. I’m telling you it’s the only active alternative to the SAF sellout, and it’s a good one, and it’s by dedicated JPFO people, and the board acts like it’s not even there. But if something even better could keep JPFO independent I’d be all for it and I think others who care about JPFO would agree.

Tell the board members as nicely and firmly as you can what they’re doing to your JPFO and what you think or realistically plan to do in response.

Ask them if they really want their own legacy to be “the men who sold out Aaron Zelman for a few shekels” or “the men who were too weak even to sustain what a giant built for them.”

One other thing I must stress: Funding is already available to cover JPFO’s August shortfall. While organizations like this chronically need donors, this isn’t a situation that a quick jolt of cash can cure. This is a problem of exhausted management and lack of vision. This is a problem of personal betrayal of Aaron’s work and JPFO’s ideals. August’s shortfall has only brought about a necessary change. But oh please G-d let us make the change wisely instead of stupidly and callously!

Contact the JPFO board

Executive Board Director
Robert (Bob) Meier —

Senior Board Member
Bruce Bell —

Board Member and Managing Director
Doug Schuett —

UPDATE: And sign the new petition just created at the suggestion of one of JPFO’s sponsors.

I’d appreciate it if you’d go easy on Doug. This situation is not of his making and he has done a lot of good. But he’s also the person who can pull the board together for a decision, so he does need to hear from everyone who cares.

One final note

I resigned as a JPFO contractor yesterday, partly because I can negotiate with the board better as an outsider than as an underling (assuming I’m ever given a chance to) and partly because with this post I’m disobeying an order from Doug and can no longer take a JPFO paycheck in good conscience.

None of the people trying to rescue JPFO stand to make any financial gain from the new plan. Some may keep the positions and the assignments they already have, but everyone has volunteered to do more than their duties without asking for pay. No one stands to gain any extra compensation from this and some will end up losing. But they are willing to do that to save this unique voice in the gun-rights movement.

Also, it’s strictly my choice to speak out about this. I know one colleague agrees, but others may not. If I end up harming them or our plans in any way, I’ll owe huge apologies. It’s certainly possible that JPFO’s board members will be very upset by what I’ve just done. But if so, let them snub me — but not snub the plan to save JPFO. JPFO is bigger than petty grievances.

I will be glad to step completely out of the picture and out of JPFO’s future to save JPFO.

Anyone who would decide to merge JPFO into Aaron’s nemesis rather than accept a good proposal just because I irritated them would merely be proving how little they care about JPFO.

99 Responses to “Sellout: JPFO to be handed off to SAF — unless we stop it”

  1. Sawbuck Says:

    I sent a polite but strongly worded email to all board members this morning. I am a Life Member of JPFO and hope that carries a little weight. If they slide into the SAF orbit I am tearing up my membership card and closing my wallet to them forever. THANK YOU for letting us know this was happening. Aaron Zelman’s hard work deserves a better ending!

  2. LibertyNews Says:

    JPFO has *always* been the group standing apart from the others, grounded in principles and not compromising. It would be a tragedy to see it swallowed up by one of the other organizations, let alone the SAF. I hope that we can save Aaron’s legacy and will do what I can to help.

  3. Claire Says:

    THANK YOU, guys. What Aaron built should never be torn down so casually and carelessly.

    I didn’t want to have to post this, but I knew if it came down to it, you’d stand for JPFO and Aaron.

  4. MamaLiberty Says:

    Oh my… of all the things I could imagine going on there, this isn’t even on the horizon. SAF of all things? The horror! What possible excuse could there be for the JPFO board not to simply call for an election of new board members (or however it is done)?

    You can count on me to spread the word, write to these folks, and do whatever is possible to stop this. And endless kudos to you, Claire, for blowing the whistle.

  5. Claire Says:

    Thanks for the support — and for spreading the word — MamaLiberty.

    Yes, why they wouldn’t just step aside and let a new, less exhausted, board decide JPFO’s fate is a great mystery — particularly when these guys have already, repeatedly, talked about resigning. Now they’d rather turn JPFO into a zombie instead of giving it a chance? Weird!

    Even weirder that they’ll lose their board positions, anyhow if SAF takes over. So unless there’s some covert personal gain for them in the merger (and I’ve heard no such thing), they’re effectively resigning but taking the whole organization with them.

    This is bad judgment on a scale that’s hard to comprehend.

  6. Claire Says:

    One possible clue (though certainly not a justification of the board’s actions) is so I am told that board members are personally responsible for any debts the organization incurs. That may have been part of their panic (even though the potential debt so I am told is small enough that most people could just cover it with their credit cards.)

    So they panicked and sold out for Gottlieb’s shekels. BUT … once we knew the problem, it took the people I’m working with less than an hour to find an angel to cover the debts and less than a day to get two great people to offer to be on the board once they knew those debts would be taken care of. So really … total failure of leadership and initiative.

  7. MamaLiberty Says:

    Please keep us posted, Claire. Getting heavy response from my outreach on this already.

    There’s a fox in this henhouse somewhere, I’m thinking. Keep digging.

  8. Claire Says:

    Championship networking, MamaLiberty. I’ve already seen some of your results.

    I’ve also received bccs on several valiantly worded messages to the JPFO board. If they won’t listen to people like me, surely they’ll listen to life members, donors, and other activists.

  9. UnReconstructed Says:

    I am appalled. I also am a life member of JPFO. I sent them a strongly worded but icily polite email expressing my disgust at these actions.

    hope some course of action will come through this that will keep them more or less intact.

  10. Bear Says:

    I’ve put an initial alert (pinned) on my site. It’s short, mostly a link back here, but I’ll be updating later with some stuff from Gottlieb that should make it clear even to bagel brains why this is A BAD THING.

  11. Claire Says:

    Thank you, UnReconstructed. I know what a stalwart you are.

    There is a growing plan that will keep JPFO not only intact but healthier than before — if only they’ll either listen to it or resign and let a new board carry the plan out.

  12. Claire Says:

    Bless you, Bear. Since quite a few people who haven’t looked closely think all gun-rights organizations are good organizations, your info on Gottlieb will be very valuable.

    And LOL! Channeling Aaron with “bagel brains” makes me laugh. He could use that expression with such vigor, but few ever dared repeat it.

  13. Bear Says:

    Well, Claire, I guess I’m one of the few. Aaron could — and occasionally did — drive me crazy, but only on admin issues, never on rights. I liked and admired him very much, and was happy to see JPFO continuing his vision and work. Selling out to Gottlieb violates his legacy far more completely than I think the directors realize.

  14. Concerned JPFO Life Member Says:

    Look at now vs what it was before Gottlieb took over.

    That’s what will happen if this gods through.

  15. Jan Says:

    After reading your blog, I renewed my long expired membership today and sent an email to the addresses you listed, plus Chris at the address of the welcome email requesting they not join the SAF.
    The response was that the “merger” was supposed to be confidential, and that the “intention” is that JPFO would still continue as an independent entity under the SAF “umbrella”.

    The JPFO’s work has shaped my opinions, thoughts and life. I originally heard of them 20+ years ago through the late Mark Scott of Detroit.

  16. Claire Says:

    Thank you, Jan. It’s true that Chris was told that the plan was for JPFO to remain intact. Last I heard from Doug, he said he didn’t know how to tell Chris otherwise. It appears that perhaps he never did tell him.

    And indeed, Doug did ask for confidentiality. I respected that request until we ran out of alternatives for saving JPFO from the plan to hand it off to SAF.

  17. Claire Says:

    Yes, it appears Doug never did tell Chris, the webmaster, that the original story was not true. I just gave him that sad update.

    I suppose it’s inevitable Chris will end up getting hit with mail from this, but I hope nobody will take anything out on him. He has been absolutely dedicated to JPFO and works his tail off. None of this is his doing in any way.

  18. MamaLiberty Says:

    Requests, pleas, demands for confidentiality go right out the window if I discover I’ve been lied to, and especially if the undisclosed facts will then harm others. This had the potential to harm a great many others, those who have supported JPFO over the years especially. No false guilt over this disclosure, dear Claire.

    Alert has now been posted on every forum I participate on, and messages sent to a great many other bloggers and news gatherers. I’ll continue to send it as I remember folks who would probably be interested. I urge everyone else to do the same.

    Let’s pain this internet JPFO, at least for today. :) I’m going to go snitch a logo to add to my blog, I think.

  19. MamaLiberty Says:

    Let’s PAINT the internet… NOT “pain” it. Oh, my aching keyboard. LOL

  20. Claire Says:

    Bless you, MamaLiberty! And thank you, everybody.

    I knew there would be a serious response to this, but frankly I’m overwhelmed. I do believe my personal email inbox will set a record today and if I fail to keep up with all email and comments, please understand.

  21. opaww Says:

    If this happens I will no longer be a part of JPFO, I have nothing to do with SAF as it is and will not do so.

  22. TheQuietMan Says:

    Maybe I am being naive in my thinking, but if the worst does happen, would it not be possible to reform JPFO under a different name outside of SAF control? I understand that you would loose the long heritage and name recognition of JPFO, but it would allow the voice and the principles of Aaron Zelman to live on.

  23. CB Says:

    Thanks everyone.

    Who is Bear? Or please share the URL to his site so we can all read?

  24. Claire Says:

    At the request of one of JPFO’s distressed sponsors, I’ve now created an online petition:

    I’ve never done this before, so please let me know if I’ve done it wrong.

    I do still believe it’s important for the board members to hear from us personally — particularly to hear from life members, sponsors, and donors. But by all means, sign the petition AND send emails. We’re going to be heard!

  25. Claire Says:

    TheQuietMan — If the board goes ahead with its plan of letting SAF absorb JPFO, your suggestion is indeed an option. We have people on our side who are amazing at getting the word out.

    On the other hand, as you note we would be losing a LOT — history, thousands of members, rights to JPFO’s books and movies, name recognition. SAF would “own” all that. Far better to keep JPFO intact and independent if we can.

  26. FSHB Says:

    I sent an email to each, thanking for past service with a humble plea asking them to not move forward with SAF. I also offered future financial support from my limited means if they will be free from Gottlieb.

  27. Defensive Training Group - III Says:

    Emails sent, word spread, petititons signed, and blog post done.

    Drop me a note if there’s anything else we can do.

  28. Claire Says:

    Thank you DTG — III! Great work.

  29. Curt S Says:

    Oh boy…well, here goes. I know I will get slammed for this but I am not a memberr of JPFO…not that I don’t want to be, but there is a limit to the number of organizations I can join. That said, I dunno, call me paranoid but I smell something here, and I think it is beyond just a matter of money. In this day and age of hacking and all….I wonder if something of the kind has compromised the organization. To be honest, I don’t trust any organization any longer….at least not fully. In regards to the “secrecy” thing and the confidentiality part…..Uh Uh…something else is going on here. At least as far as I can see. Why? Well, I cannot believe that this happened all of a sudden….that this could not have been seen months ago if not more.

  30. Claire Says:

    Here’s the word from someone who knows all too well what SAF does to its acquisitions. This is from a Facebook exchange, with names removed for privacy:

    Former KeepAndBearArms Insider: is nothing like it was before the SAF takeover.

    The original writers were all hard line, “no compromise” firebrands. So it attracted that kind of stalwart.

    Now it’s vanilla by comparison, with a small fraction of the reach and influence.

    A similar motivation was at play: financial dire straits and raw fatigue.

    Hindsight is 20/20. Shoulda coulda woulda frustration has plagued me for a decade.

    JPFO friend: So having read Claire’s blog, what would your advice be?

    Former KeepAndBearArms Insider: Her general idea of a member/owner group that keeps JPFO real and honors Aaron is essential.

    Selling to SAF is going to cost JPFO’s identity. The word “merger” is disingenuous. “Absorption and dilution” are more like it.

    At some point, after it’s done, current JPFO leaders won’t even be able to get Gottlieb on the phone — let alone get their voices out to JPFO members.

    Trust me. I know.

  31. Claire Says:

    CB, Bear’s site is:

    Thanks for asking.

  32. Claire Says:

    No reason to slam you, Curt! The way this has been handled — covertly, bull-headedly, and in a high-handed authoritarian manner from the get go — lends itself to paranoia and speculation.

    The truth is, nobody but that handful of bossy men bargaining over JPFO’s soul really know what’s going on.

  33. Bear Says:

    Ha. I’d forgotten about the KABA fiasco. In fact, when it first happened, I didn’t realize it was SAF, and still approved of SAF back then. What I did see was that a strong useful site suddenly turned wishy-washy, “news” links were posted long after I’d seen the material elsewehre, and the terms of service turned to sh-t: among other things, they stated outright that they’d voluntarily release any user data to any government agency whenever they felt like like it, no warrant or subpoena required (I remember thinking that the terms looked like a bunch of lawyers covering their butts from often very outspoken commenters… turned out I was right).

  34. Bear Says:

    Claire, this group with the alternate plan- are they still looking for financial support, and can they take PayPal (I have some funds there, but damned little otherwise; heck lack of PP acceptance is why I didn’t renew my JPFO membership)?

    If they are, you can email me privately if they prefer that. Or you can send them my email address.

  35. Sam in Oregon Says:

    Email sent to all three JPFO board members letting them know I will not renew my JPFO membership if the sale to SAF goes through. This whole thing stinks to high heaven. Legitimate activity is always transparent and above board. There is obviously some real underhanded stuff going on here. Many kudos to you, Claire, for letting us know what’s going on.

  36. Backwoods Engineer Says:

    Petition signed, and re-blogged at Backwoods Engineer.

  37. Jim Noble Says:

    I sent this to all three members:

    JPFO must remain independent.

    Since its founding, JPFO has been the one no-compromise voice
    for unfettered gun ownership. The proposed merger with lesser
    organizations would destroy Aaron Zelman’s legacy entirely.

    Do not take the easy way out by washing your hands of the matter.
    If you have grown tired, or disillusioned, or jaded, consider
    the honorable step of resigning from the board and passing on
    the torch to someone more dedicated to the cause.

    Jim Noble
    Boulder Creek CA

  38. Sam in Oregon Says:

    You will find this interesting. Apparently Bruce Bell won’t even bother to read his emails unless he has previously approved of you!

    “I apologize for this automatic reply to your email.
    To control spam, I now allow incoming messages only from senders I have approved beforehand.
    If you would like to be added to my list of approved senders, please fill out the short request form (see link below). Once I approve you, I will receive your original message in my inbox. You do not need to resend your message. I apologize for this one-time inconvenience.
    Click the link below to fill out the request:

  39. Dave Says:

    I came across your notice by accident on Rational Review News Digest (which
    I subscribe to, but seldom get read in a timely fashion) today……thankfully.
    Thanks for your notice to us and for all your dedication and hard work.
    (Do you know if L. Neil Smith is getting the word out to his readers?)
    Anyway, petition signed, all my mailing list has been notified, and all 3 e-mails have been sent.
    I will REALLY miss JPFO for all the reasons that we members know made them stand above ALL the rest.

  40. Claire Says:

    Many, many thanks for the re-blogging, petitioning, and the emails, guys!

    Bear — Thank you, and should the alternative group eventually be allowed to free JPFO from the clutches of compromise, I have no doubt that donations will help. For now, though, we do have a pledge of enough money to pay off JPFO’s potential shortfall (assuming it is roughly the amount Doug told me) and even a little more.

    If SAF prevails, then there would be no point sending us money unless we did actually start another group (Jews and Gentiles Together for Freedom? Jews, Friends, and NO Compromising?). Great thought, though.

  41. s Says:

    Bruce Bell discovered an urgent need to screen his email today. When I sent an email at 9 AM, no problem. Now you get the invitation to waste your time before he deletes your unread email.

    Here’s a tiny bit of humor:

  42. Claire Says:

    While most people have said they wouldn’t send another dime to JPFO as long as SAF is looming, a few have said they were going to go renew, rejoin, or donate now.

    JPFO does have legitimate needs, but may I suggest that if you decide to give now you include a message saying that you’re doing it in hopes of keeping JPFO independent and uncompromising?

  43. Bear Says:

    Sam in Oregon, yes, I got that, too. I even clicked the link to get whitelisted.

    And was told that my email had already been deleted, and I can’t be whitelisted.

    Mr. Bell sure doesn’t give the appear of wanting to hear anything from potential supporters.

    If I thought it would help JPFO ward off SAF, I’d join. But the only funds I have to spare from minor, inconsequential things like food are in my PayPal account. And JPFO doesn’t accept PP.

  44. Ward Griffiths Says:

    And here I finally became a life member earlier this year. But now I’m a bit strapped (property taxes). But I’ll do the petitions and emails.

  45. J. Eric Andreasen Says:

    Claire, this is simply horrifying. Gottlieb is a KAPO, plain and simple. Better to burn JPFO to the ground and start anew. Neil contacted me on JPFO leadership issues a number of months ago, but I am sure writing to “pay the bills”, intervened. Now, with everyone either very ill, exhausted, broke, or a combination of all three, in slithers this Snake. Of course.

  46. Brian A. Says:

    Just signed the petition, and will be sending an email to the board later. JPFO is uncompromising, and that should never change.

  47. Claire Says:

    Well, this is interesting. Somebody writes an article in praise of JPFO being subsumed into SAF:

    And the author clearly has a source within JPFO because some of the detail couldn’t have come from anywhere else. However the article’s “facts” are distorted to the point of being downright lies. (For instance, there was an email with a fundraising plea in it that raised only a small sum. But the actual “spring fundraiser” we did raised thousands upon thousands of dollars. I don’t know the exact figure, but donations and member ships poured in for weeks.)

    I don’t have time to fisk the article. But clearly someone within JPFO (and I can guess who) is deliberately giving twisted information to the gun media. Seems as if the fight is getting dirty now.

  48. Claire Says:

    Thanks, guys. This is a tragedy for JPFO — and damn sad for anybody who just put a lot of money into the organization. But whether we win or lose this particular battle, there will always be a place for NO COMPROMISE.

    Kapo. Eric, that’s sad. But true. I tend to agree JPFO would be better off gone than turned into an SAF zombie.

  49. LibertyNews Says:

    Dave — I just happened across this sad news about L. Neil Smith while reading Bear’s site:

    “To our friends who have patiently refrained from asking, Neil suffered a stroke on June 28. He is currently in an excellent acute rehabilitation program at a facility in Northern Colorado and is making good progress”

  50. UnReconstructed Says:

    I had forgotten the sorry saga of KABA. I never met Angel personally, but we sure emailed a LOT. I gave it a chance after the handover, but it never was more than a shadow of its former self, and now I never go there…..

  51. Julian Says:

    Thanks for shining the light, Claire – and as always, the cockroaches scurry away from it. The last donation I sent to JPFO was truly sacrificial my wife had just died after over two years of suffering, medical expenses, etc. But by their showing contempt for you – and for us members – by not even having the common civility to respond to your suggestions, i am done. I know other places that can use the money.

    this is the short note that I sent to the ‘Bored” members. Feel free to remove it if it makes this too long. God bless.
    I am certain that you know that members of JPFO, like myself, are troubled about the rather clandestine manner in which recent events have transpired. It is more reminiscent of Obama’s and Pelosi’s version of ‘transparency’ than anything that we members would recognize.

    This note is not to threaten or condemn anyone. It IS to simply state that since the offers of Claire and others to present reasonable options have been ignored, the donation that I sent to JPFO last time will be the last the I send. If your intent was to sink Aaron’s work, and to alienate the people who have sacrificed to give donations, then I congratulate you. You have done a job that would make Eric Holder proud.
    Julian Harper

  52. Paul Bonneau Says:

    Sad, but really, JPFO *was* Aaron Zelman. I’m surprised it survived his death as long as it did. Such organizations need a driven man, and I guess that no longer was part of the picture.

    I’m amazed the board would accept a short-term deadline. It’s not as if adding a month would change anything – except maybe giving time to stop the acquisition. Perhaps there were… inducements.

    For those thinking of creating an independent, new JPFO, keep in mind all the lawyers in SAF. It would be bad to see lawsuits flying around.

    But if it’s done, for a name, how about “Warsaw Ghetto Resistance”? A bit crude, but it gets a point across…

  53. jed Says:

    Well, this really sucks. But this post is on the 1st page of a Google search for “JPFO”, so you’re certainly getting some attention. Hope is has the desired effect.

  54. Carl Stevenson Says:

    Claire, please contact me ASAP so I can try to help. I’m a life member and have a lot of experience on boards of major groups. I offered to help after Aaron’s passing, but nobody ever really followed up on my offer.

  55. Kevin Wilmeth Says:

    By now you are probably aware of David’s admirably neutral Examiner article, which features some statements by Gottlieb himself.

    The two takeaways I got from that are

    1) He appears to confirm that JPFO approached SAF, not the other way around. For exactly what that’s worth.

    2) While I fully admit that I’m not as close to the histories as others are, I gotta say that Gottlieb’s words to David here seem like the words of a man who is only interested in weathering the storm with minimal damage. They seem careful to me.

    Presuming that Gottlieb is aware of Zelman’s opinion of him–and I am assuming that based on the veracity of the accounts related here he must–his complete non-addressing of that subject has an odor all its own. Perhaps there actually is a respectful way that a known “same-side enemy” could reach out to assure JPFO members of ongoing autonomy and identity…but avoiding the subject entirely ain’t it.

    I’m with those here who think something (whatever it is) stinks about this whole thing that we won’t find out about until it’s over; this deal is waaay too much “we have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it” as it is.

    If you’ll ignore the faith-related ironies: I sure hope that Zelman has access to a ghost form. If he does, I suspect he’ll use it well.

  56. Claire Says:

    Thanks, Kevin! Yes, the “little bird” network told me earlier that David was writing an article & I knew he’d do a good, fair job ’cause David’s a solid guy and an honest writer.

    When he sent me a link to the finished piece, I told him the one thing I wished he’d done was not take Gottlieb’s claim about at face value. Gottlieb didn’t save KABA; he wrecked it, as several people here have noted. I even blogged the former owner’s regrets about selling out to Gottlieb.

    And of course, that’s exactly what Gottlieb will do to JPFO. Take away all the edges, soften the core, and make it less interesting and less relevant.

    I agree with you, those were “careful” comments on Gottlieb’s part. Well put.

  57. Claire Says:

    BTW, Kevin — well done and thank you.

  58. Bruce Welder Says:

    As a life member of SAF and CCRKBA I hope that all the auxiliary gun rights organizations can maintain their independence. That would include such organizations as JPFO, Pink Pistols, and Second Amendment Sisters. These organizations address particular segments of our society and only have credibility if they are understood to be representative of the people that they are suppose to represent. When and if they are perceived to be overtaken by old white conservative men, they will no longer have any credibility within the communities that they are trying to address.

  59. Andrew Says:

    Pink Pistols is a meme rather than an organization that n be taken over. If necessary the anti-genocidal beliefs now championed by JPFO will be broadcast in similar ways.

  60. Claire Says:

    Julian, I didn’t respond to your comment last night, but I read it several times and it was very much on my mind. That you donated to JPFO after going through so much suffering is wonderful of you. I hope your donation accomplished something good.

    Well done letter, too. I’m glad to have you with us.

    Unfortunately the situation seems to be that no one at JPFO is now listening. They have completely dismissed their members, donors, and even a couple of major sponsors as nothing but interfering nobodies. Just malcontents and haters.

    We’re still going to try to find a way to get past this resistance, and I believe we should still continue to stand for an independent, uncompromising JPFO. Because someone, somewhere might end up hearing us.

    But I’m increasingly also inclined to believe as Kevin does. This is simply what happens when you put the hopes — and money — of thousands of people into the hands of a small, authoritarian group of people who promise to represent your interests and your views.

  61. david Says:

    I will not renew my membership if the board sells out JPFO. However I love Claire’s writing and thinking, and I’d follow her down a bumpy road to hell. Clone JPFO Claire, and I’ll put my check in the mail on my next payday!

  62. Richard J. Medicus Says:

    My response to the board, as e-mailed.


    I am but a lowly gun owner and, regretfully, a onetime past member, but I respectfully request that you do not accept or agree to any merger with the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF).

    The SAF, like the NRA, has shown its’ true colors in that it is willing to compromise our gun rights away. Its’ collusion with Congress in its’ efforts to expand the NICS program have shown it to be a less than worthy steward.

    I have read that a counter offer has been suggested to you and, based on that information I hope that you will step back from the SAF proposal and consider this counter offer.

    The independence of the people of the United States as well as the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership may well hinge upon your decision.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Richard J. Medicus

  63. Claire Says:

    david, now THAT’s what I call a ringing v*te of confidence. :-) Thank you. Brightened my day.

    In light of the board’s total stonewalling — refusing even to listen to corporate sponsors, major donors or life members! — we’re working on other options. Clone? No. But … well, let’s just say we’ve got some very determined and creative people here.

  64. John Longenecker Says:

    Hi, Claire.

    JPFO is a library and a treasure trove of scholarship. It must never be diluted but invigorated. Years ago, I had seen many patients with numbers tattooed on their arms, and some had a number on the opposite arm. I consulted JPFO to ask if I was mistaken and received an immediate reply from a Rabbi. He said that for a year or so, the Nazis did mark Jews on the opposite arm. It was a very valuable factoid for me to confirm for decades after. Insignificant perhaps, but an example of how precious the authoritative scholarship is in being available.

  65. jed Says:

    I hope the website and archives have been mirrored.

    I will financially support a new organization, continuing on JPFO’s path.

  66. Marshall Buck Says:

    I followed a link on Bear’s site on NRA finances and it is an Al Jazeera hit piece on well known publicly available budget and salary info, plus rabid, foam at the mouth anti gun diatribes from idiots like Tom Diaz, VPC and their ilk. Stay calm & Carry on.
    Save your ammo for the REAL enemies. They will never give up. Anyone who thinks the battle for freedom can be won once and for all is delusional.

  67. Ken Holder Says:

    I’m putting this in tonight’s “L. Neil Smith’s THE LIBERTARIAN ENTERPRISE” (that’s ).

    I worked for Aaron for about 2 years as JPFO’s webmaster, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. Aaron was a GREAT man, and JPFO was a brilliant “idea”. All this stuff now is very sad, and pretty much illustrates what happens when “an organization” tries to accomplish something that only a “great man” can actually achieve.

  68. Claire Says:

    Hello, Ken! Nice to see you — and thanks for posting to TLE!

    Aaron was indeed a giant. Not always an easy man to work for, as I suspect you and I both know. But the more time goes on, the more we see what we’ve lost. Those pygmies who mismanaged JPFO and are now selling Aaron’s legacy are an example of what’s left behind.

    Any idea what El Neil thinks of all this? I know he’s still recovering from a stroke, but I’ve been hoping we’d hear from him. Thing is, of course, that while I’d expect him to hate this business with the kind of bloody passion he reserves for the worst traitors, I understand he’s actually very close to Bob Meier, the chief doer of this deed.

  69. Claire Says:

    Richard Medicus — Thanks for your articulate support! And my apologies; I just pulled your comment out of the spam filter.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    As a few here suggest, the open source software culture has an answer to this mess: fork and run your own competing project. Call yourself More Jews for Preservation of Firearm Ownership. The donor list is only valuable if you intend to regularly send scary fundraising letters If you’re doing the firebrand work you’re supposed to, you can omit the targeted paper mailings entirely, and then you don’t need the list. If the existing members, writers, and other friends won’t bother to sign up again, then they aren’t supporters. It is time to make more movies. Much of JPFO’s purpose is to keep up morale in the remnant.

  71. John Taylor Says:

    Just found out. Message sent. Word spread. Petition signed. Standing by Ready One.

  72. Claire Says:

    Thank you, John Taylor! (Um … Ready One? well … :-) )

    Anonymous — That’s certainly a possibility that’s being discussed, trust me. And you’re right about JPFO’s purpose; it’s that and it’s reaching out to new people with an uncompromising message.

    We’ve also had several very smart, high-powered people come in with lawyer-type suggestions this weekend. Both life members. Both balls of fire. We’ll see.

  73. Robert Bertelson, JPFO Life Mbr. Says:

    Example #1 of “compromise”: My date and I decide to go see a movie. She wants to watch a sappy, romantic chick-flick, I want to watch an action film. Each of us COMPROMISES by agreeing to see a comedy.

    Example #2 of “compromise”: A large man corners me in an alley and tells me that he wants to castrate me. I express my opposition. He says, “I’ll compromise by only cutting off one of your testicles.”

    It’s clear to me which of these examples best illustrates Gottleib’s idea of the spirit of “compromise”.

    If JPFO absolutely must lose its independence and be absorbed by another RKBA entity, I desperately hope that GOA can be it.

    ~ Robert Bertelson, Seal Rock, Oregon

  74. Claire Says:

    Well said, Robert Bertelson. GOA was discussed as a JPFO savior at one point. I wasn’t in on the discussions; I merely knew that was mentioned. I don’t know what became of the idea.

    I’m hoping JPFO doesn’t have to lose its independence, but if it does, I agree that GOA is the only national gun-rights organization worthy of absorbing it.

  75. Pete P. Says:

    I’ve been called “conspiratorial” more than once over this as I connect the dots between Schumer and Bloomberg. What better way than bring down the JPFO and unrelenting gun rights, than through the backdoor by purchasing it.

    This whole thing smells to high heaven. If it goes through, my membership is over and I will strongly request my name be taken from the mailing lists and any other place it may be.

    This is a hostile takeover by the anti-Second Amendment group people. Nothing more… nothing less.

  76. Joat Says:

    Anonymous, on forking JFPO, one big problem is the movies and other materials they produced are no open source, if a different origination takes it over the movies and books could be dumped down the memory hole.

  77. david Says:

    @Joat – good point! I hate to give money to sell-outs, but I might want to buy a copy of everything I didn’t already get, while it’s still there. In fact if we all did that it might help float the JPFO boat.

  78. Claire Says:

    david — First off, I wouldn’t expect JPFO products to disappear, at least not immediately. After all, SAF would need them to make money. I’d expect many of them to be phased out over time and replaced with much more wimpy stuff, but I doubt there’s a need for a rush to get them right now.

    Besides, although I certainly would NOT discourage anybody from buying JPFO goods or signing up for a JPFO membership, please do understand that the real problem isn’t money (though that, too). The real problem is poor management by the board. Throwing money at them right now would not solve the underlying problems.

    In fact, no doubt orders and memberships will be high this week and you can bet that, instead of seeing it as a sign that people care or a sign that people want to buy the films and books before they’re gone, the board will take all this as a v*te of confidence, a sign of approval in their “leadership.”

    Give if you want, buy if you want. JPFO has always been a great concept and has unique products. But just know that you might be encouraging people who ought not be encouraged.

  79. Anonymous Says:

    Joat writes: one big problem is the movies and other materials they produced are [not] open source […] if a different origination takes it over the movies and books could be dumped down the memory hole.

    Making illegal copies of copyrighted material is piracy, it’s just like rape and murder! You’re telling me you’ll all hot to obey copyright laws for material which is entirely political advocacy, attempts to prevent genocide, for which your primary interest is not to make money but to keep it from being disappeared. Well, hey, the German majority says you’re unwanted, you better obey the law. It’s only moral to “fight back” after you know it’s too late to win, you’re not fighting you’re just squirming.

  80. pkoning Says:

    “One possible clue (though certainly not a justification of the board’s actions) is so I am told that board members are personally responsible for any debts the organization incurs” — you were told wrong. See for example .

  81. john D Says:

    Sent My Emails — and made financial pledge if they remain independent.

  82. USMC_to_III Says:

    Just saw all this today- I’ve been donating to JPFO for years via eBay donations- here’s what I just sent to the whole board:
    I have been supporting JPFO from my eBay elective donations and from Amazon Smile purchasing; if JPFO merges with SAF I will CEASE all donations. Please consider merging with the III Percent Patriots- they are indeed a NO COMPROMISE group worthy of the legacy of Aaron Zelman!

    I view Mr. Gottlieb as just another compromiser and crony-capitalist using the same fraudulent fundraising schemes as the DNC, RNC and NRA. At this point it should be obvious to all that business-as-usual Washington is at the root of the death of this Republic- only groups like the original JPFO and III Percent Patriots are clear-thinking enough to recognize the value of having real, unbendable core principles and the guts to stick to them.

    Thanks for your consideration and due diligence in investigating ALL real alternatives to merging with SAF.


  83. Joat Says:

    Joat writes: one big problem is the movies and other materials they produced are [not] open source […] if a different origination takes it over the movies and books could be dumped down the memory hole.

    Anonymous Says: Making illegal copies of copyrighted material is piracy, it’s just like rape and murder! You’re telling me you’ll all hot to obey copyright laws for material which is entirely political advocacy, attempts to prevent genocide, for which your primary interest is not to make money but to keep it from being disappeared.

    That is not what I ment, I see no moral problem with copying the material just a tactical one, with the state of laws in the US I would not want to publish material that the copyrights are owned be a group or lawyers.

  84. whistle blower 1979 Says:

    Claire, It is true as you say “So they panicked and sold out for Gottlieb’s shekels” but “they” are closer to you than you think and “the ones” who are at the top have been Doing this for a long, long time. More often than not the ones who sell out are the unassuming and the ones you know the best, remember one who sounds the alarm may be the one reaping the ill-gotten gains. Sorry for the whole riddle thing, many of the above honest folks are on the right track. I will leave you with one last thought. Don’t look so much top, the top (the board) again they have been Doing this a long …. Time. Look rather to what changed, when did it change, and you will find the who Made-Off ( $$ ) JPFO was doing great until…….. D 5+_/. WB1979

  85. Elias Alias Says:

    I am signer #387.

    Thank you Claire. I think I can do something else, and will let you know as soon as I do it.


  86. Claire Says:

    Thank you and Salute! back at you, Elias. I don’t know whether the JPFO board will ever even look at our petition, but we’re doing all we can. If you have any means of spreading the word (and I know what an expert word-spreader you are) — go for it!

  87. Elias Alias Says:

    General Claire,
    General Elias reporting in.

    There were 429 signatures on that petition just now. I have just posted an article about your blog at Oath Keepers’ national website and will send that to more than fifty-four thousand on our email list. It takes a couple of hours for our service to blast that many emails, but by this evening thousands of people will know about your article here. Over-looking the general apathy of even some of our own members, I have hopes that at least a few hundred more signatures may pop up on your petition over the weekend.

    Thank you for all you do,
    Elias Alias, editor for Oath Keepers

  88. Elias Alias Says:

    Well, shoot, Claire! I should have included the link to the article at Oath Keepers so you won’t have to wait for the email blast.


  89. Ray Farley Says:

    Well written and exactly the truth. I wish the rest of the world would open their eyes to Gottlieb. He is a wolf in sheeps clothing for sure!

  90. Ron Roy Says:

    If JPFO has to merge with another gun rights organization to stay solvent why not merge with a real no compromise organization like Gun Owners of America?

  91. LibertyBelle Says:

    You need to up that goal on the petition! You have gone way over 500!

  92. Chuck Says:

    What you are asking is for people to put themselves at potentially serious risk over an issue they know “Nothing” about.

    I am a Jew and believe fervently in the second amendment. I believe in inalienable,G-D given rights and the son of a man who,amongst millions risked everything to come here.

    I will “never forget” and I am totally committed to “never again”.

    In a time when the Holocaust,the genocide of Nazi Germany is alive and supported by so many I feel it my duty,my debt to my family and the heroes,the victims of tyranny,those whose “blood,sweat and tears” gave me a path towards the American Dream turned nightmare.

    I cannot,will not commit myself to “ANY” group,any organization where those supposedly “united” in a common goal,an obligation,a commitment to Judaism, Freedom,the people of Israel the survival of my brothers and sisters wherever they live who I do not know,know little about who obviously cannot be trusted until proven otherwise.

    It is depressing to be made aware of two groups claiming the same goals to be fighting amongst themselves,pointing fingers too reminiscent of a time I have sworn to make sure will NEVER repeat itself!

  93. msgcerta Says:

    Righteous effort. A lawyer needs to uncover how to replace the board members, from the by-laws. They will make JPFO an obedient member of the gov’t controlled opposition. Till you appeared, I’ve haven’t read such conviction about sovereignty since Aaron wrote. I’m sorry, but you need to take the helm!

  94. Robert Johnson Says:

    Hello Claire and all. Glad to make your acquaintance. I am an “Oathkeeper” … maybe one of the first to respond but surely not the last. My thanks to Elias that I learned of your situation. Will be happy to sign your petition. And will pass on the info to others concerned about this information. My sincere wish is that this be resolved peacefully and that JFPO be kept alive and intact. Please put me on your mailing list. RobertJ.

  95. Gerard Vautrot Says:

    I am not a member of JPFO but, would become a member if it can be continued as a viable operation. (not Jewish either) I agree with you on Alan Gottlieb. I will never become a member of SAF or a member of any of his organizations.

    Keep me informed

  96. Claire Says:

    Thank you more than words can say, Elias Alias and Oath Keeper folks! What you just did is HUGE. You just brought in more signatures in a few hours than we got in the first five days! Amazing.

    But LOL, no, msgcerta, no taking of any helms for me. For one thing, I’m not Jewish and I strongly believe that while Gentiles should always be welcome, JPFO should be run by and for Jews. Second, as a dedicated hermit writer, I’d really be terrible at helming anything. Thanks for the v*te of confidence, though. :-)

  97. ResearchGuy Says:

    I am another petition signer who found out about this unfortunate crisis through Oathkeepers.

    Let me add my voice to those who are urging legal action in case the petition and other forms of appeal to reason fail. The bylaws of a nonprofit organization can specify how board members may be removed for cause or without cause. If the bylaws of JFPO do not specify that, there might be some default set of reasons that are valid in the state where JFPO was incorporated. Or maybe the decision to be absorbed by SAF could be blocked in court by showing that it’s inconsistent with the mission statement and other stated goals and methods of the organization.

  98. marc karetny Says:

    Claire: I am an Oathkeeper (civilian lifetime member) and a JPFO (lifetime member) and I was not aware of this until I saw the notice from Oathkeepers in my inbox. I was completely inspired by JFPO and it renewed my Jewish spirit.

    I am horrified at this as Gottlieb is nothing more than a tool for the goverment criminals and corporate goons who want to enslave us! I am also wondering if there is something greater going on here. I want to do more than just sign the petition. (I will sign it when I am done this email.) Please email me at your first convenience so that I can contact you and help you or do what is necessary to keep this great organization running independently.


    Marc Karetny

  99. Claire Says:

    Marc — Thank you! I’ll email you shortly.

    In case others are wondering what they can do …

    Right now it’s a waiting game — at least for the “formal” rescue effort. We’ve submitted our outline proposal, we’ve talked to lawyers, etc. As of today (8/31), it’s possible that the SAF deal has already been signed. We simply don’t know.

    Concerned JPFO members can still keep the pressure on. A few ways:

    * Email the petition link to all three JPFO board members ASAP, reminding them what the latest total is (1,370 as I write this — THANK YOU, Oath Keepers!)

    * Continue emailing the JPFO board with your disapproval of what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

    * If you’ve donated or joined recently and feel you did so under false pretenses, you can ask for your money back. Not saying you’d get it back, but $$ talks.

    * If you are a member, you are entitled to see the JPFO bylaws, financials, and other documents under Ch. 181 of Wisconsin law ( Ask. Examine the records. Do you see anything that’s not kosher?

    * Even IF the SAF deal goes through, dues-paying members may be able to make legal challenges after the fact on various grounds. Were the board members properly elected? Did they fulfill their duties? ( Etc. This could be expensive and has no guarantee of success, but it might be the final alternative before surrendering JPFO and Aaron’s legacy to compromisers and sellouts.

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