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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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A little good news

Monday, June 13th, 2016 by Claire | 5 Comments »

Because the MSM (and of course most of the gunblogosphere) is currently “all murder, all the time,” I thought a bit of good news was in order (courtesy of MJR).

Seems recently the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife “requested” access to a creekside property to survey for some frog you’ve never heard of.

The homeowners said yes. That is, they said yes … BUT.

I think their response will cheer you.


(And if you need a laugh booster shot later in the day, come back to the blog after noon. Got another funny queued up for you.)

Creepy little jihadi mass-murders gays while media aims at innocent gun owners

Sunday, June 12th, 2016 by Claire | 18 Comments »

I hadn’t heard the news when I posted earlier. Fifty killed and 53 wounded last night at a gay nightclub in Orlando. I probably wouldn’t have let that links post go live if I’d known, but there it is.

The NYT, in an article I won’t link to, tried to spin the slaughter as some “confluence” of terrorism and a strictly American phenomenon of mass shootings. (Has the NYT not read any news from Europe or Africa the last few years?)

But even the Times, in an article loaded with scary gun photos, admits that mass murderers usually pass background checks — while nevertheless giving off abundant signs of their evil nature and evil intentions.

The latest creep is no exception. Heck, this guy was even some sort of “security” official and a wannabe cop. But also a wife-beater, a vocal racist and homophobe, a target of an FBI investigation, and a past honoree of the TSA’s no-fly list. And somehow the fedgov never noticed this guy was Not Good? Nobody noticed he was Not Good? But of course, none of that is what matters. What matters is that you and I and millions like us have eeeeeeeeeevil guns. And of course — the guns did it! Not some violent loser who imagined his vicious god was on his side.

Funny how, at the same time they’re so eager to spout “facts” about “assault rifles” the MSM are busily hedging on whether or not the perp was actually an “official” jihadi. (It also appears that the guy’s own employer gave him a free pass because of his religion. A co-worker repeatedly tried to alert their employer that the soon-to-be killer was an unhinged loon with lots to say about all the groups he hated. But the creep kept his job. Apparently just Because Muslim.) Can’t offend those murderous religious fanatics, you know. Must be fair — except where the subject is guns.

Hold onto your hats, fellow gun owners. And hold onto your firearms, your ammo, and most of all your principles. We’re headed for a bumpy ride.

Meanwhile, we can hope that all 72 “virgins” the perp plans to rape in the afterlife will actually be used up old crack wh*res with multiple STDs.

Sunday-Monday links

Sunday, June 12th, 2016 by Claire | 7 Comments »
  • Yet another way cynical, opportunistic cops (and governments in general) quash our desires to be kind to our fellow man. Foul parasites. And apparently Canadian sneaks are no better than U.S. sneaks. (H/T JB)
  • Ohhhhh gawwwwwwd. Not agaiiiiiin. First Sudafed goes behind the counter and gets your name into a police registry. Now over-the-counter diahhrea meds — yes, Immodium, of all things — get targeted as part of Dreaded Scourge of Opiod Abuse.
  • It’s one thing to carry your heart on your sleeve. Entirely another to carry your heart on your back for over a year.
  • Well, I wouldn’t v*te for Trump if somebody put a gun to my head. But even so, being a gay, Hispanic Trump supporter doesn’t merit having your nose broken by leftist thugs.
  • People have called Windows 10 malware. But I figured that was figurative. Turns out that, given its recent, extremely deceptive sneak-install behavior, it actually is malware, by Microsoft’s own definition. MS’s vile sneakery has been confirmed by knowledgeable sources. Beware any pop-ups from MS!
  • Fascinating. The FDA and Interpol want to abolish 4,402 international websites selling prescription drugs. This is based on confiscation of 797 parcels in a brief recent period. Think on it. What does that number tell you about the number of parcels that have gotten quietly and safely to customers all this time — customers who are apparently happy with their confidential, and money-saving purchases. People who will want to make similar purchases in the future. Um … good luck with that, bureaucops.
  • And speaking of confidentiality (or lack thereof) in prescription drug purchasing … the DEA now wants warrantless access to your legal drug records. AND might hassle or arrest you for perfectly legal activity. (H/T to everybody who sent me this link; I already had it, which just goes to show you this is one to pay real serious attention to, even if you blow off everything else you see here today.)
  • Remember the story in our last links post about cops having a new device to let them steal more money during traffic stops? Thought you might be interested in the Department of (Achtung!) Homeland Security’s more favorable take on it. (And what is it they say about the differences between theory and reality again …?) Alas, the courts, as usual, take the pro-gov line in such matters.
  • I’m sorry that today’s links have contained so many downers and nothing in the area of nooz you can use. At least we can end on a note of good cheer, courtesy of MJR. Here’s another of those optimistic post-TSHTF flash stories: “Hills” by Joe Miles.

Friday Freedom Question: Risks taken, risks not taken

Friday, June 10th, 2016 by Claire | 18 Comments »

I was thinking this morning about risks — about the chances we take … or don’t take. Not so much risks like whether to shoot for that Xtreme skateboard move or play it safe. But the big, potentially life-changing risks.

Oh, sure, the skateboard move or the jump out of the plane or whatever can also be life-changing. It could squish your ribcage or your pelvis, not to mention your brain. Or it could tell you you have more courage than you knew, courage you could use for good in the rest of your life. But I’m thinking more of the risks where you realize at the time, “If I do this thing, my life will be on a different path.”

So today’s Friday Freedom Question asks What was the biggest risk that you didn’t take (but wish you had) and what was the biggest risk you did take that altered your life?

For me, the biggest risk I didn’t take (and now regret) was that I didn’t drop out of high school and leave home at the earliest opportunity. Sure, it could have ended up as a dead end or with the humiliation of crawling home to “I told you sos.” But looking back, I think it would have shown me I was actually a more courageous and visionary person. It might — who knows? — have led me to opportunities I’d have been confident enough to explore, once I knew I could survive beyond family and prison school.

It’s harder to pin down the biggest risk I did take because the things outside observers told me seemed risky to them never seemed risky to me: leaving a place I was secure and moving across the country to a place where I knew nobody and had no connections — because that place called to me; or quitting corporate communications to be a freedom writer. These seemed less like risky choices than inevitabilities to me (at least once I’d reached the decision-making moment). So it’s hard to say.

But what about you? What was the big risk you turned away from and now regret? What was the big risk you took and what were its results?

Friday links

Friday, June 10th, 2016 by Claire | 10 Comments »
  • Cops have a new machine that lets them grab money off your prepaid cards right at roadside. But it’s not about the money. Really it isn’t. Of course not! It’s about … um … erm, identity theft! Yeah, that’s what it’s really about. The cops aren’t just getting more bold and efficient about stealing from you. They’re protecting you! (H/T Fred in comments)
  • Oopsie. Looks as if that gun “documentary” wasn’t the only one Couric and pals artfully edited to make their opponents look like dumbasses.
  • Great news for people who love both the Web and privacy: WWW creator, Tim Berners-Lee, has joined an effort to reinvent the online world. (H/T JG)
  • What is it that Yellowstone tourists don’t understand about “boiling water will reduce you to bones — real quick”? Not the first young guy who’s died this way.
  • Unions have joined the effort to end mass incarceration and its hope-killing (and employment-killing) after-effects.
  • Speaking of after-effects and just in case anyone needs to be reminded of what a dangerous person and what a whiny, lying, arrogant biotch Hillary has always been
  • Oh no. I knew that fellow gunblogger Northwest Freethinker (aka GayCynic) was very ill. But didn’t know he was gone. He saw to it that he departed in style, though.
  • Speaking of style: Former sportswriter chronicles his own Alzheimers journey.
  • Coming our way courtesy of central bankers: the next Lehman Brothers moment.
  • Why cops shoot dogs. Do we even need to ask? (via Wendy and Brad’s place)
  • And in bittersweet dog news: the last 911 search dog dies — but after a good, long life. (Tip o’ hat to LA)

Tuesday links

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 by Claire | 17 Comments »
  • Sigh. It had to happen. One faction in the cannabis legalization movement sics the cops on another faction that it perceives as cutting into its profits. Piggery all around.
  • “But we’re different, right?” asks Y.B. ben Avraham, on the subject of hating Jews.
  • Well, yes, that’s almost exactly how it is being a writer. Except they forgot to add smoking three packs a day* and finding clever strategems (like counting the perforations on the acoustic tiles in the ceiling) to avoid actual, you know, work. (H/T jed in comments)
  • Seventeen movies that bombed at the box office then went on to become big cult hits.
  • While this article leans anti-Peter Thiel and I’m way more inclined to think the world owes Thiel a debt for his creative thinking and his billionairish backing of it, it’s still a decent look at the man.
  • This is so cool! Completely fake, mind you. It’s a conceptual art project, not a real thing. But still … so weirdly, imaginatively, creepily cool: The Merrylin Cryptid Museum. (Best viewed by allowing all three scripts, if you happen to be browsing around with NoScript on.)

* No, the smoking and drinking are NOT ME. I have been known to count holes in ceiling tiles, but that was actually in the fifth grade, when I was trapped in class. These days I have more wide-ranging and interesting ways of work avoidance.

About that “bullet” box …

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 by Claire | 1 Comment »

If you haven’t already v*ted in the TZP poll on the subject, there’s the link.

I also have a TZP article on the flap over Larry Pratt’s comment on that topic.

Support the candidate who best represents the mood of 2016!

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 by Claire | 4 Comments »


And purchase either a bumper sticker or a yard sign from Carl-Bear Bussjaeger, who suspended his own non-candidacy to support the one, the only Sweet Meteor O’ Death.

Get ’em right here (NFI on my part). Click on the graphics on Bear’s site to order. And don’t miss his footnote about why he decided to support SMOD instead of Cthulu.

Weekend links

Saturday, June 4th, 2016 by Claire | 11 Comments »
  • The overcriminalization problem. Including the Deadly Lemonade-Stand Threat.
  • Oh gadzooks. The sheer chutzpah! The ironic lack of all awareness of irony. Obama uses his accidental prowess as America’s greatest gun salesman to “prove” he’s not out to take our guns.
  • Mostly, “inspirational” stories make me gag. But this one’s the real deal.
  • Supposedly, this article about Hillary Clinton’s upcoming legal fate appeared on HuffPo, then was quickly pulled. I’m not sure. And nobody else has picked up on it, so it’s probably full of major bogusness. But it’s pretty “inspirational,” too.
  • He no longer floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee, or defies the government. Muhammad Ali. Dead at 74.
  • Hahahahaha. Couric and her producers aren’t merely lying hypocrites. They’re gun criminals. And it’s not some obscure bureaucratic paperwork thingie they violated, either, but one of the basic known restrictions (however unjust and idiotic it actually is) on gun purchasing.
  • The lost women of Enlightenment science.
  • I am of the “dogs domesticated themselves” school, rather than the “man domesticated dogs” school. And I figure my ignorant opinion counts at least as much as anybody else’s ignorant opinion. :-) But now there’s an intriguing theory that, no matter who domesticated who, it it happened separately, twice in two far-flung locations.

Dear Universe: Please take your “gifts” elsewhere

Friday, June 3rd, 2016 by Claire | 26 Comments »

I awoke a few days ago to a project list longer than any I’ve had since before JPFO got sold off to Gottlieb.

« Read the rest of this entry »

Tuesday links

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 by Claire | 8 Comments »

I may even v*te this November!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2016 by Claire | 20 Comments »

… Now that momentum is building for the one true “DC outsider” candidate, an independent who’s bound to make an impact.


Yes, Sweet Meteor O’ Death has distinct advantages over both The Hillary and The Donald.

I was even going to buy a bumper sticker* for this outstanding write-in candidate. In the end, I quailed at the price and did not order. Yet the price does hint, at the very least, that SMOD is a sincere believer in capitalism — at least in the “whatever the market will bear” wing of capitalism.


What? You think Sweet Meteor O’ Death** might even be more unpredictable than Trump, more bloody than never-met-a-war-I-didn’t-like Clinton? You don’t want to “waste your vote” with a write-in?

Well then, there’s always the newly minted Libertarian Party ticket. I was sorry to see the colorful John McAfee loose out this weekend (though perhaps just as well; it would be rather inconvenient to have one’s candidate of choice extradited in the middle of the campaign to face murder charges in a pipsqueak country), Gary Johnson ain’t bad.

And William WeldWilliam Weld??? — as VP? Well, at least that might win the ticket some v*tes in Massachusetts. I hear they’re not too picky about what they consider “libertarian” in that desperate corner of the nation.

Me, I’m standing tall with SMOD (until I’m squished flat by SMOD). And will be continuing my search for an affordable bumper sticker or lawn sign until Doomsday. Which, if enough of us v*te for our favorite candidate this November, may come sooner than we think!


* Don’t miss the product reviews.

** I have just been informed by alert Commentariat members that SMOD and Giant Meteor are two different meteors. I decry this obvious and crude attempt to divide the Killer Meteor v*te. Clearly a craven ploy of some political trickster from the Establishment.



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