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about the Backwoods Home website and you could Win a Free Book!

Congratulations to our latest winner!

Carol Clark from Bessemer City, North Carolina

A repeat winner!

Matthew and Jennifer Mayo
Click to enlarge
Who says lightning doesn't strike twice? Meet the Mayos, back-to-back Tell-A-Friend winners!

Click here to see the list of all past winners

      Want to let someone else know about the Backwoods Home Magazine web site? Want an opportunity to win your choice of a FREE Backwoods Home Magazine self-reliance guide or book? (see rules for list)

      All you have to do is complete the four lines of the form below and our automated mailer will send your friend an email telling them about our web site. Your email address will be automatically entered into the weekly drawing. The more friends you tell, the better your chances of winning!

      Contest is open to everyone, worldwide. Click here for the contest rules.

      If you want to read the letter first, it is reproduced just below the form.

      Thanks for spreading the word!

      You MUST complete all four lines or you will get an error message.

      The names and email addresses DO NOT go on any outside mailing list. If you want to join our Newsletter List, you may Click Here to do so.

      Winners are notified by an email from with the Subject: BHM Tell-A-Friend. Please be sure your ISP and mail program are set to permit email from Don't be one of the almost-winners who missed out because the notice we sent couldn't be delivered or because they failed to respond in time.

Email fields accept only one address at a time.
Only letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), underscore, hypen, and period are permitted in the fields.

We're sorry. The Tell-a-Friend feature is temporarily unavailable.

This is the email letter your friend will receive.

To: [Friend's Email]
From: [Your Full Name] [Your email]
Subject: A good website

Dear [Your Friend's First Name],

[Your Full Name] thought you might be interested in our website and used our automated mailer to send you this letter. Please rest assured you have not been added to any mailing lists and will not receive any future mailings from us unless you visit us and add your name to one of our mailing lists.

The name of our site is Backwoods Home Magazine and the address is

We are a country oriented self-reliance magazine and web site and cover subjects like homesteading, building, alternative energy, country living, farming, gardening, food production, cooking and recipes, and much more.

We've posted hundreds of informative articles from back issues, plus some from the current issue. We also have one of the best Readers' Forums on the Internet, links to other related sites, a monthly newsletter, blogs, and a lot of other features, too.

When you get a moment, please give us a look. And please let [Your Full Name] know what you thought of the website.


Backwoods Home Magazine

      Contest is open to any resident of the United States 18 years of age or older.

      Multiple entries are permitted provided each Tell-A-Friend email is sent to a different person. Tell-A-Friend emails sent to oneself are ineligible.

      At least weekly, we check the list of current entries generated by sending a Tell-A-Friend email using the form above. If there are 40 or more, a winner is randomly selected from that group. Losing entries are not carried over to the next drawing.

      Approximate odds of winning: 1 in 50. Actual odds of winning depend on the number of valid entries generated during each cycle.

      Winner will receive their choice of any one (1) of the following Backwoods Home Magazine titles: (NOTE: Click on title to view description on the order page in a new browser window. Close window to return to this page.)

      Winner will be notified by email and must respond by the date indicated in the email, providing his/her full name and mailing address.

      By responding to the email notice, winners grant permission for their names and home towns to be publicized by Backwoods Home Magazine in print, on the Backwoods Home Magazine web site and in any other manner deemed appropriate by Backwoods Home Magazine, and without any further compensation to the winner.

      List of previous winners is posted below.

Tell-A-Friend Contest Winners

In Reverse Order

# indicates a repeat winner!

Carol Clark from Bessemer City, North Carolina
June Minard from Melrose, Iowa
Patrick M Hagel from Eugene, Oregon
Trudy Martin from Montgomery Center, Vermont
Dan Romine from Osage City, Kansas
David Wilcox from Constantia, New York
Bonnie Williams from Franklin, Maine
Eric McLain from Machesney Park, Illinois
NeKisha Rowe from Saint Albans, Maine
Cindy Dobbs from Prairie Grove, Arkansas
Jessica Lord from Pfafftown, North Carolina
Nancy Marten from Vaughn, Montana
Renee Marceau from Columbiaville, Michigan10
Renee Marceau from Columbiaville, Michigan10
Colleen Lebo from Jonestown, Pennsylvania
Laura Durkin from Lemitar, New Mexico
Danny Rumney from Juliette, Georgia
Liz Fisher from Downieville, California
Kathleen Puchalski from Swink, Oklahoma
Carl Hulse from Quaker City, Ohio
Jeff Hoffman from Kewanna, Indiana
Ken Reed from Houston, Missouri
Candace Adams from Chatsworth, Georgia
Susannah Rogers from Antigo, Wisconsin
Suzanne Sherman from Trevett, Maine
Mary Ellen Fresh from Sparta, Tennessee
Hank Rhoden from Callahan, Florida
Donna M. Clark from East Machias, Maine
Skye Murray from Tallahassee, Florida
Christina Trammell from Arcata, California
Timothy Petty from Elon, North Carolina
Thomas Duchesneau from Rocky Hill, Connecticut9
Cindy Dobbs from Prairie Grove, Arkansas
Sharon Beck from Sikeston, Missouri8
Christopher Tarver from Clinton, Mississippi
Jennifer Patton from Monticello, Kentucky
Joanna Scalf from Springtown, Texas
Clancy Shipley from Abingdon, Maryland
Stephanie Chiappini from Melrose, Florida
Tom Duchesneau from Rock Hill, Connecticut9
Betsye Richardson from Reston, Virginia
Doris Holleman from Hackett, Arkansas
Charles Steward from Jacksonville, Florida
Clint DeVore from Des Moines, Iowa
Rodley Langston from Magnolia, Texas
Cal Hollis from Houston, Delaware
Randy Easton from Imlay City, Michigan
Jeffrey Meares from Neosho Rapids, Kansas
Carrie Jeanne Cochrane from Bayfield, Colorado
Heather O'Leary from Minneapolis, Minnesota
James M. Dickson from Carleton, Michigan
Paul J. Edem from Kirkville, New York
Jeff Brown from Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Rob McDaniel from Richmond, Missouri
James LeVeque from Troy, Alabama
Diane Kuhn from Lancaster, South Carolina
Linda Zimnick from Guerneville, California
Teri Perkins from Republic, Washington
Jessica West from Coeur d Alene, Idaho
Jean Thompson from Jefferson, Ohio
Quinnelline McGraw from Lynnwood, Washington
R. Bryan Tyra from Naylor, Missouri7
Ayesha A. Harris from Queen Creek, Arizona
Pat Barden from Linden, Tennessee6
Jim Borchardt from Olympia, Washington
R. Bryan Tyra from Naylor, Missouri7
Charles A. Sanders from Shoals, Indiana
Pat Barden from Linden, Tennessee6
Pat Barden from Linden, Tennessee6
Dawn Payne from Belton, Missouri
Tracy Lee Hundley from Richmond, Virginia
James Jeffery from Bergland, Michigan
Wendy Pinkham from Alton New Hampshire
Suzanne Harris from La Conner, Washington
Dan Hall from Casnovia, Michigan
Murry M. Gasque from Anchorage, Alaska
Veronica Millard from Pittsgrove, New Jersey
Jean Royel from Palermo, Maine
Tim Minor from Hampshire, Tennessee
Patti Bankhead from Blackstock, South Carolina
Rachel Pollock from Sacramento, California
Marilynn Lindaberry from Glenville, West Virginia5
JS Caffey from Silver Spring, Maryland
Marilynn Lindaberry from Glenville, West Virginia5
Basil Cox from Athens, Alabama
Cynthia Wilburn from Honokaa, Hawaii
Christy Dixon from Sylvester, Georgia
Frank Beaulieu from Gray, Maine
William H. Guinn from Moore, Oklahoma
Carla Devine from Brighton, Colorado
Sharon Beck from Sikeston, Missouri8
Beverly Johnson from Summerville, Georgia
Philip Foster from Albany, Oregon
Lisa Stierwalt from Coal City, Indiana
John Dringenberg from West Peoria, Illinois
Don Fisher from Arlington, Tennessee
Nancy Dore from Palestine, Texas
Alan Longshore from West Valley, Utah
Patricia Boyle from Verdun, Quebec, Canada
Stanley Borucki from Shelton, Connecticut
Andrea Elvin from Pickerington, Ohio4
Winter Rardin from Pillager, Minnesota
Terry Wirkerman from Attleboro, Massachusetts
David Dowdrick from Claridge, Pennsylvania
G.L. Hume from Louisville, Kentucky
Kristen Owen from Lyons, Colorado
Larria Carroll from Tempe, Arizona
Dean Harnum from Newfoundland, Canada
Theresa Schieffelbein from Wykoff, Minnesota
Andrea Elvin from Pickerington, Ohio4
Lisa Raudenbush from Orlando, Florida
Robin Alltop from Ft. Belvoir, Virginia
Justin Maple from Fairbanks, Alaska
Greg Richardson from Duval, Washington
Jay Shore from King, North Carolina
Michael Barrette from Dudley, Massachusetts
Ruth Inman from Metamora, Illinois
Judy Wyman from Lee's Summit, Missouri
Angela Graham from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Sarah Christly from Charleston, South Carolina
J. Brit Miller from Waleska, Georgia
Sherry Cater from North Little Rock, Arkansas
Heather Young from Honoka'a, Hawaii
Minda Brackman, Jr. from Kingston Springs, Tennessee
Harry W. Hagen, Jr. from Lake Forest Park, Washington
Scott Lahti from Conway Massachuesetts
Claire Grygotis from Falmouth, Virginia
Larry Fee from Jonesville, Virginia
Donna Casey from St. Louis, Missouri
Ernie Busch from Hayes, Virginia3
Elaine Hales from Shepherd, Texas
Ernie Busch from Hayes, Virginia3
Mike Peery from Ridgemanor, Florida
Doug Morgan from Sedona, Arizona
Sandra Coats from Judsonia, Arkansas
Rob Keeney from Lafayette, Indiana
Erin Small from West Gardiner, Maine
Paul Jordan from Fayetteville, North Carolina2
Danny Clark from Rochester, Michigan
Paul Jordan from Fayetteville, North Carolina2
Gwen Raymakers from Denmark, Wisconsin
Laura McDonald from Fort Wainwright, Arkansas
Bob Taylor from Poulsbo, Washington
J.C. George from Bethesda, Maryland
J. Paolo C. San Mateo from Pittsburg, California
Robert Lifsey from Jackson, Tennessee
Karen Buell from Asheboro, North Carolina
Deanna Burkhart from Grass Valley, California
Hank J. Gorman from Lexington, Kentucky
Randall O. Herring from Hilliard, Florida
Edwin S. Prigmore, III from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Debra Koestler from Madisonville, Texas
Daniel R. West from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania
JoAn Kuhlman from Concordia, Missouri
Mark McCombe from Auckland, New Zealand
Bruce Wehner from Akron, Ohio
Bill Hickman from Thibodaux, Louisiana
Jeff Colson from Murfreesboro, Tennessee
John Tucher from Belton, Texas
Frank Mong from Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
Ray Lasater from Arlington, Texas
Michael O'Connell from Crescent City, California
Terri-Lynn Yeomans from New Germany, Nova Scotia, Canada
Wanda Shavis from Free Union, Virginia
Mike Golden from Auberry, California
Melody Rieben from Rome, New York
Donald Barr from Carson City, Nevada
Sheri L. Haney from Winchester, Indiana
Ann Pease from Crystal River, Florida
Jennifer Smith-Mayo from Morrill, Maine
Matthew Mayo from Morrill, Maine
Andria Kim Stramecki from Albany, New York
Marla Senter Morris from Fort Worth, Texas
Jerrod M. Boucher from Racine, Wisconsin
Frank Pardus from Apopka, Florida
Will Roach from Portland, Oregon
Wendy S. Martin from Worcester, Vernont
Larry P. Hudson from Aspen, Nova Scotia, Canada
Scott E. Hughes from Smithfield, Pennsylvania
Stephanie Cosat from Danville, Illinois
Lynn Royal from Olympia, Washington1
Leland Zimmerman from Vilonia, Arizona
Tom Grow from Morton, Illinois
Amy Sipe from Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Mark Bellini from Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Lynn Royal from Olympia, Washington1
Rosemarie Morrison from Tulsa, Oklahoma
Anita L. Bellefeuille from Harrison, Arkansas
Deborah Seunagal from Southfield, Michigan
Pam Imboden from Nelson, Nevada
David Schleicher from Troy, Michigan
Norbert Michaud from Skowhegan, Maine
Pat Tucker from Trenton, Missouri


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