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Letters To The Editor

From Issue #144

Presto canner

We love your magazine and always find useful information in each issue.

The article comparing two pressure canners was excellent, but I have a comment about his contention that the gasket on a Presto canner must be replaced yearly. I have owned a Presto canner since 1981 that gets a lot of use, and the gasket did not need to be replaced until 3 years ago " 29 years with one gasket. I have the canner checked periodically by our county extension service office to make sure it’s working properly.

Pat Burnam
Osseo, Wisconsin

All American canner

My husband and I love your magazine! We couldn’t believe the article in the current issue “Picking your pressure canner: All American or Presto?” because we had been trying to make a decision on a new pressure canner between these two for several weeks and just a week before your magazine came, we bought an All American!

We wanted to let you know the main reason we picked the All American is because it’s made in the USA. We always try to buy items made in the USA first. Our family members use a Presto canner, but when we saw they were made in China, we picked the All American.

We used our new canner for the first time last week. You didn’t mention in your article, but we got the 915 model, which is the size smaller than the 921. It holds seven quarts also. And, we wanted to let you know we have an electric stove and it did not scratch it. We love our canner!

Tim & Traci Davis
Poneto, Indiana

Another anthology please!

Now that I have your attention …

You’re FOUR YEARS behind in yearly anthologies. What if the doodoo hits the rotary device tomorrow? I won’t have the convenience of those years in anthology form, so PLEEEAAASE, pretty please, get some more of them out for us.

Love you guys! (especially Annie … she’s so cute!)

Mark Matthews
Hayes, Virginia

Fall-planted potatoes

I live in Northern Ontario where the temperature goes down to -35C. I have been planting potatoes in the Fall for several years with good success. This Spring I also planted potatoes in a new area. The Fall potatoes have been producing a month earlier than the Spring planted ones. The Fall planted potatoes are also a lot hardier than the Spring planted potatoes. I cover the rows with leaves and plant the seeds about 8″-10″ deep. I planted red and white potatoes.

Albert McCallum
Ontario, Canada

Zimmerman/Martin article


…I agree with you in all respects, the media, any and all has taken over from common sense, logic, and the ability for the average citizen to “think” and draw a conclusion of what is correct or is not correct.

…I’ve lived a long time, America is the greatest country on earth, the continued practice of our citizens not being taught personal responsibility, accountability, mutual respect, not being educated, etc. and the continued lack of leadership from the top on down, which for the most part is nothing more than greed and a self-serving interest, will guarantee more George Zimmerman type episodes to come, perhaps the demise of our Republic?

Steve L. King
McCammon, Idaho

Thank you for your research on the Trayvon Martin piece. It settled many questions I had that the news wasn’t answering, and they don’t.

Alice Lane
Portland, Oregon

Your article on Zimmerman/Martin and this editorial convinced me to resubscribe even tho’ finances are limited.

Elizabeth Kosiba
Rice, Minnesota

Changed my life

I want to thank BHM for changing my life. The articles in your magazine, the articles on your website, the blogs, and the discussions that have resulted at work, at home, and with other people who have also started reading BHM have woke me up. And it took less than two years to not just wake me up, but to make me be willing to step up and do something.

I now read the Constitution with a greater understanding of what they were trying to say. Perhaps even, what they were concerned might happen. Or maybe what has happened? I used to want the government to outlaw abortions, drugs, and smoking because I believed they are wrong. I’m still against those, however I now understand that those beliefs have nothing to do with government. I tell people “a government that has the power to outlaw abortion also has the power to require abortion.” Abortion is between you, your doctor, and hopefully God. Maybe these are state issues, maybe local government, but definitely not federal.

Religion is another issue. I am a Christian. Not a good one, but one none the less. I even take an active role behind the pulpit from time to time. I think that Christianity should be an intricate part of everyone’s life. But a government that requires Christianity also can outlaw Christianity (of which has already happened in this country, but don’t get me started). Religion is personal, not Federal. If I think it is the right way, then it is up to me to convince you. Not by force, but by my example as I try to follow His.

I have woke up concerning the news. I now try to stay informed of what is going on. Of course, depending upon which channel you watch or website you surf will greatly affect what you think. The internet is full of news, but not everything on the internet is true. So instead of being a lazy sheep, I now have to do my homework. If I want to see what is truly going on then I must do more than just sit and wait to be fed…

Lucas Crouch
Edgewater, Florida

Slaughtering animals

I enjoy your fine magazine and reading the interesting articles " however, I don’t enjoy reading how to slaughter animals. I have developed a deep love and friendship with all my animals. My chickens are sensitive, intelligent creatures, as are all my other animals. They all have a strong will to live, just like we do. They hate pain and suffering, and they each have a unique personality. Why is it acceptable to slaughter some animals for food, but not others?

Are we willing to slaughter our household pets, such as dogs and cats, for food? If dogs and cats are off-limits, why are other animals acceptable? They feel the same pain, they are just as intelligent as dogs and cats.

Mahair Sibay
Oxen Hill, Maryland

Fighting for freedom

While reading issue #142 for the third time, I finally got around to reading John Silveira’s article in the Last Word “The False Argument about Defending our Freedoms.”

My military career started in 1967, in the Navy, in Vietnam. and ended in 2009 with the U.S. Air Force with retirement as a Senior Master Sergeant. About two years (1969) after going to Vietnam, I realized, too, that I was being fed a line of bull about fighting for freedom. Just like Mr. Silveira, the people in the countries I have visited during my lengthy career do not care about our freedom. The people (not the government) just want to live, and to be able to feed themselves. Vietnam was as much synonymous with Shell and Gulf, as Iraq, Syria, and Kuwait were.

The whole idea of “fighting for our freedom” is a government slogan to feed to the masses and the young men who die in these government orchestrated conflicts.

That being said, I ask that all peoples still respect and laud the sacrifices our military personnel make throughout their careers, and please lament the deaths of those brave men and women; but never believe that in this day and age that they are fighting for our freedoms in some country that does not care one bit about our freedom. There is a time for war, but it is in the true defense of this country and its interest, and when we go to war, go to war, don’t dilly dally with this face slapping, young soldier killing, politically run Rule of Engagement we currently exercise.

Thanks Mr. Silveira for a great article, if I could, I would like to clip and send to my friends and acquaintances.

Phil Jones
Middleton, Idaho

Caused me to subscribe

I was at a doctor’s appointment and picked up a Sept/Oct 2008 BHM off the magazine rack to browse through while waiting for the doc. The “My view” article written by Dave Duffy on “A vast cultural divide exists between environmentalists and gun owners” got my attention. So " I’m subscribing!

Nancy Hull
Pensacola, Florida

Don’t be intimidated

To paraphrase Rush Limbaugh, “Nobody will take better care of you than you.” BHM offers those realizing the direness of this country’s situation those methods to take care of themselves. Profound gratitude is due those at BHM. Please do not be intimidated by the powerful elite currently “running” this last bastion of rapidly fading freedom…

Candice Dolin
Seagrove, North Carolina

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