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Letters To The Editor

From Issue #151

Updated solar information

Re: “Solar Powered Refrigerators” by Jeffrey Yago. There sure is a lot of good information at your site. I found Jeffrey’s information very useful, but am wondering if he has any updates? The article is 8 years old.

Sharon L.
Seattle, Washington

Jeff Yago is in the process of producing a book of his solar articles for the magazine. This is one of the articles that will be updated for the book. We may be able to announce publication of the book by the next issue. — Dave

Customer service important for businesses

In your article “My view: How to run a small business” in the Nov/Dec 2014 issue #150, Dave was mainly on point as normal. But he missed one. Service.

In six (approx.) years of subscribing to BHM I have only had one problem with a subscription renewal. One letter to BHM and a week later a polite letter informs me it’s fixed. One issue didn’t show up in the mail. Same response. A week after I asked about it a replacement issue comes in the mail with a polite note.

That in part is why I spend my money with BHM. In the same six years one of your competitors has messed up my subscription six times. The fastest they fixed the problem? Thirty two days. They are not good at answering letters.

I am now trying to fix my current renewal [with them]. I won’t have trouble with them. I am about to “vote” with my wallet.

R. Cox
Pampa, Texas

It’s not the mistake, but how you correct it

I just received your Special Notice regarding Issue #149 and wanted to comment. I have been a subscriber since you (brilliantly) bought Self-Reliance Journal’s subscriber list and fulfilled their obligations — I was one of the sad saps left holding the bag in the ashes of the most-excellent American Survival Guide. In all that time, you have never had to respond to an error of this magnitude, and I am pleased to see that, as one would expect, you corrected the error in an efficient, effective manner without regard for your bottom line.

I have always held that what speaks loudest about a man (and, by extension, an organization) is not that he makes a mistake, but how he corrects it. That said, I will not be using the coupon you so generously provided; you and your staff deserve to be compensated at the full rate …

Mike Whittemore
Burgaw, North Carolina

Gee whiz! Looks like every subscriber you have except me wrote to tell you thanks for the nut mistake correction. Well, I did think about it. Fact is, this town is studded with horse chestnut trees like cloves on a Christmas ham. I had pretty much already known of the mistake. However, I was pleased … as well as surprised … by the personal letter and the coupon. Almost nobody else would have gone to so much trouble.

I figured the coupon was to compensate people for any inconvenience or discomfort the error had cost them. Since I’d recognized it already I figured I really wasn’t entitled to compensation. That is what I thought about writing to explain …

Kate Patrick
Baker City, Oregon

Thank you for the extra care you gave to the readers’ health education. The Special Notice for #149 was showing responsibility in true action. We’ve been reading BHM for 20+ years and have been diligent students of many of the near lost frontier/survival skills America was built on. Your courage to supply this VERY MUCH needed resource to the public has been an example of good stewardship of knowledge. You show great wisdom in all aspects. The changing of the “guard” of Annie going home to work is a good thing too. Being a homesteader takes at least one full-time worker. She’ll be taking on more projects and many hard-to-finish foundations which require flexibility …

Mark and Sandra Dodes
Allenton, Michigan

… I grew up with a horse chestnut tree at my grandparents. I can attest that no one would chew, let alone swallow, horse chestnuts but you’ve done the right thing. If I were home, I’d send you a couple for your own experience.

Surprisingly, I carried home grocery sacks of them and our grey squirrels ran with every one. Could they have eaten them? I doubt it. Likely buried them by nature but it was fun to watch.

Thanks for the warning. You have a book order coming that I could not make without your generous offer.

George Trumpore
Taft, Oklahoma

Sewing tip

Here is a useful tip for you. The next time you need to sew a button back on, use dental floss instead of regular thread. Works great and will last a long time.

Joe Myrick
Lakebay, Washington

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