Issue #151 of Backwoods Home Magazine. January/February, 2015


Issue #151 • January/February, 2015



6  Editor’s Note

7  Editorial:
      ISIS and Ebola — Things have been much worse!

47  Rogue Photographer

48  Ayoob on Firearms:
      Of guns and snakes

62  Irreverent joke page

71  Lenie in the kitchen

72  The Gee-Whiz page

76  Ask Jackie:
      Osage oranges, new garden space, Perma Flo, etc.

72  Country Moments

80  Letters

82  The last word:
      Whatever happened to “peak oil”?

83  Classified ads (pdf)

83  Classified advertising form

84  Advertiser Index

85-96  BHM anthologies & books

97-98  Order form/Subscription Info

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Cover 151

This gouache cover was painted by BHM artist Don Childers.

Even in the middle of a snowy winter, the cows have homegrown hay to eat. In the distance, there is an old barn, a warm reminder of days gone by.



8  10 traits for better living
   By Claire Wolfe

12  Everfree Farm’s new coop
   By Annie Tuttle

31  The homesteader’s toolbox
   By R.E. Rawlinson

39  Air power superiority
   By Gary Lewis

44  Economizing on laundry
   By David Olsen

53  Tanning snakeskins
   By Frank H. Knebel

59  Make your own froe & split your own shakes
   By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

64  Ebola: Should we be worried?
   By John Silveira

68  Survival infection control
   By Joe Alton, M.D.


20  Build a compost tumbler
   By Joe Mooney

Alternative energy

74  Solar power on a low budget
   By Joel Simon

Farm and garden

14  Raise pigs on pasture
   By Samantha Biggers

23  Growing your own hay
   By Jackie Clay-Atkinson

Food and recipes

18  Emergency food storage
   By Dan Furtney

34  The big, wonderful world of rice
   By Linda Gabris

56  Make sourdough with wild yeast
   By Leah Leach


63  Barns: The centerpieces of farm life
   By Tom Kovach

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