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Letters To The Editor

From Issue #76

ASG reader

I am writing to tell you that I love your mag. It is much better than ASG and I am glad they threw me your way. I would be glad to have a wife like Jackie. She is the best.

James Gilmour, Somonauk, IL

First off, thanks! Thank you so much. I was feeling ripped off with the way ASG/SRJ was becoming another B.S. survival mag. Here’s my payment for a year’s subscription for Backwoods Home Magazine! I am finally relieved to be able to read about things that are much more important than “new” “improved” junk! Thanks again. Sorry I never knew you existed. My loss! But I’ve gained now. Thanks again. Long live America, the country, not the Government.

Wally Roberts, Sharpsburg, GA

Thank you for a fine publication. I was a subscriber to American Survival Guide/Self Reliance Journal. It was a shame they became politically correct and are no longer published. Your publication has filled the void and I am enjoying your magazine.

I enjoy the articles on firearms by Massad Ayoob. Jackie Clay is very knowledgeable and her information is very helpful. Claire Wolfe is an excellent writer and what she says makes good common sense.

The articles on the Coming American Dictatorship by John Silveira were very well researched and written. It is “must” reading for anyone who loves freedom and this country.

Enclosed is a check for 2 more years of your excellent magazine. Keep up the good work.

Paul Calberg, Feeding Hills, MA

I’m another Amer. Surv. Guide subscriber who’s going to subscribe to your fine mag.

There are 2 things that really irritate me about your mag. …

1) I now have another stack of mag’s that I have to save.

2) You advertise more great books than I can afford to buy.

Sam Scott, Dodge City, KS

I was an ASG (SRJ!?!) subscriber. Thank God you guys took over. Bless you all.

James Brown, Lancaster, OH


Great Magazine. Have watched your steady progress at surpassing all others (Mother Earth, etc). I have been a subscriber to TMEN since about its beginning. Unfortunately it seems to cater more to the so called politically correct yuppies. I am going to let that subscription run out and carry on with you. Keep up the good work.

Dennis McLallen, Friendsville, PA

I love your no B.S. style. Jackie Clay is my favorite writer. I enjoyed her series on building a log cabin. Also like her gardening and canning tips. I enjoyed the “Coming Dictatorship” series a lot. I’ve saved all of my issues of BHM so I can go back and read them over again.

BHM is a pocket of fresh air in a world full of crap! Keep up the good work!

Samuel A. Walters, Newark, OH

As long as I suck air and have money I plan on subscribing to your outstanding magazine.

Philip Donovan, Jr, Epping, NH

Keep it up guys! Yours is the most useful and honest publication on the planet. Don’t ever change!

Jeff Bowman, Rockwood, TN

I love the articles on basic living.

I live in a town of about 300 people so I’m in the country so to speak. I must admit that I’m not very prepared for an emergency situation. We are in an extreme drought condition. I am not able to do any kind of watering because of strict water rationing. So a garden is pretty much out.

I am a ham radio operator and I am prepared for emergency communications which I was able to provide after the Sweetwater, TX tornado of 1986.

I can also do some reloading of ammunition for my guns and would like to pursue this to a greater extent.

In keeping my subscription current I feel I will be getting valuable information for the most basic means of getting by in a tight situation.

I also feel the reason you do the magazine is because you are concerned for your fellow man and want others to be prepared and if you are well prepared you might be able to help your neighbors and friends if they are in need.

I’m also interested in alternative energy sources. Hopefully the cost of this equipment will become more affordable someday.

Of course my goal is to be as free as possible. I am an electronics technician and my wife is a calibrator. We both work for the same company which manufactures instrumentation for the nuclear and radiation field. It would be nice to be self sufficient and not have to rely on someone else for a living.

Above all please don’t go the way of other mags that were similar to yours and let the big money guys take them over to serve their own agendas. Thanks for a nice publication and may God Bless America, the Constitution, and of course all of you at BHM.

John & Connie Tomlinson, Blackwell, TX


Got your 10th year anthology recently, and it was EXCELLENT. Just like your previous anthology issues, all the meat (articles), without the flab (repetitious advertising). Thank you. So when is the 11th year anthology coming out? I know, I know, bitch, bitch, bitch. But I still can’t wait for it to come out; the CD is really convenient and easy, but I like to read in the outdoors, and don’t like to read off computer screens outside.

J.R. Guerra, South Texas

Cornish game hen

One question: What really is a Cornish game hen? Where to get, how to raise, etc. Thanks a whole bunch.

Jelaine Zastrow, Two Rivers, WI

Rock Cornish game hens are a cross between White Rocks and Cornish hens. They grow to size—14 to 16 ounces—in just about four weeks. For information about them, go out on line and plug “Cornish game hens” AND “raising” into a search engine. There are plenty of places that are dying to sell them to you and they’ll tell you how to raise them.

Emergency solar article

There is an error in Jeff Yago’s article “Emergency Solar Power for $950” which appeared in the January/February 2002 issue. On page 30 the maximum wattage is incorrect.


There is an error in the text. Where it reads, “Two 75-watt 12-volt modules will require at least a 6-amp charge controller; four modules will require a 12-amp controller,” it should read, “One 75-watt 12-volt module will require at least a 6-amp charge controller; two modules will require a 12-amp controller. Sorry for the inconvenience.
—Jeff Yago

The Whole Sheebang

I am very pleased with your magazine and have purchased it directly from the shelf for a number of years. While visiting your website I noticed a tremendous deal you call the Whole Sheebang (this is the Internet version of the ad on page 99—Editor). Quite excellent and it will enjoy a place in my homesteading library and will be of great value when I make the move to the country upon retirement from active service.

Sgt. Paul E. Nunes, Madrid, Spain

No new laws

I have given some serious thought about not renewing my subscription to Backwoods Home Magazine. Not that I don’t like what I read—mostly I do. Not that I don’t agree with your writings—mostly I do. And I learn a lot about American history. After I receive and read each copy, I become really upset about what is happening in our Government and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. But I prefer being informed and upset to the alternative. Enclosed please find my check for renewal.

As for the war on terrorism, yes we should do something, but I can see some major problems. First, I really don’t want to give up any of my Constitutional Rights to fight terrorism. With freedom comes vulnerability and responsibility. Another problem I see is creating a bureaucracy that will never go away, even if terrorism does. Whenever the A.T.G. (anti-terrorism group), or whatever they want to call it, is formed it will be here forever and terrorism will never be defeated (although the major groups probably will). If terrorism is wiped out, there goes lots of people’s jobs, and that’s not going to happen. I would like to see a six-month moratorium on making any laws concerning terrorism. Cool heads should make these laws. I hate to see laws passed on the premise of “Do something, even if it’s wrong.” As an example, the gun control act of 1968. Wait a while and see if we really need new laws. Let’s enforce the laws that we already have and not make any new ones.

By the way, your article on “The Coming American Dictatorship” would be a really good basis for a movie.

Lee Burrus, Herrick, IL

Claire Wolfe

I thought Claire Wolfe’s article on “Living the Outlaw Life” was great. Those who value freedom must continue to work toward—and talk about—liberty.

Jane Baumgartner, Lincoln, NE

Personal guns

I enjoyed your “My View” article on personal guns. I was employed by Uncle Sam for 30 years and during that “tour of duty” I was never without my personal Colt 45 Automatic—regardless of where I was standing! Just because I carried a Federal Badge was no guarantee that “people would behave accordingly.” However, one look at “old Sam Colt” and the meanest of them all was a gentle puppy! (I was lucky—I never had to fire it in anger).

William F. French, Sharon Springs, NY

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