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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe


Friday, December 14th, 2012

I’d like to believe that murdering a room full of kindergarteners a few days before Christmas is a great an evil as human beings are capable of.

I want to feel sympathy, and empathy, for the poor children, their parents, their schoolmates, and everyone harmed by the bastard who did this thing. I’m glad he’s dead. I wish his evil could be buried with him — and a stake driven through its heart.

But we all know that a greater evil is very much alive — and filled with glee. We all know there’s worse to come. And it’s going to come (as usual) for our freedom.

So how do you even feel what one decent human being should feel toward suffering others — when over the bodies of the dead you can already see the political vultures circling?

28 Responses to “Evil”

  1. lelnet Says:

    Shoot the vultures, then go right back to mourning.

  2. naturegirl Says:

    Such a sad situation… for the fallout, the obvious and loudest will be to come after all the guns – the quiet and most damaging results will be for anyone who acts differently than “the rest of the people”. Snitches reporting anyone who “acts odd” or a heightened “watch list” of those who just don’t “act right”……

  3. Kent McManigal Says:

    I posted this on Facebook:

    I am not afraid of random violence. I am resolved to prevent or stop it. I am resolved to defy those who want me to be a sitting duck, or to stand by and watch innocents be attacked. I will never comply with those who would wish to take away the tools that allow me to say “STOP!” and back it up with action.

  4. Joel Says:

    I know what you mean, Claire. I was in the Jeep when I heard this story, and my first thought was “Is the Brady Bunch PAYING these guys, or what?”

    My second thought was, “God, I’m a jerk.”

  5. Kent McManigal Says:

    And, I’d like to add, I wish I had the luxury of time to cry for the innocents, but the anti-liberty bigots are already joyously dancing in the blood and secretly (or not so secretly) cheering on their shooter as they plan to use his act as justification to attack me. So, I go into self-defense mode and remind the Mass-Murderer Fan Club (The Brady goons) that I will not budge one more inch, and I will never ignore the blood that drips from their hands. I’ll cry later.

  6. ILTim Says:

    I’m generally a pretty cold person and shrug off the helpless panic of the day, but an elementary school? Makes me feel ill.

    Incidents like this, unfortunately, are as old as time.

    Only complete imprisonment of all people, or the complete opposite, will bring adequate balance to stem the tide of evil.

  7. Claire Says:

    Indeed, as old as time. And as common as today’s news:,0,6383015.story

  8. Rooney Says:

    My heart breaks…
    My condolences to the parents who lost little ones in this senseless tragedy.
    My anger towards the perpetrators and the media blood dancers burns.

    I still have stuff to do…

    So I guess I’ll go do it…

    But we all lost something today…

  9. jed Says:

    What’s irritating is that these gun-fearing idiots have, over time, trained us to automatically react with a Reaganesque “Here we go again” any time there is such a tragedy, because we know that they’re going to start calling for more gun control. Here in CO, Hick has said, “the time is right”. Really? In the wake of the Batman shooting, Clackamas Town Center, and now Sandy Hook, it’s time? Well, it probably has as much to do with the fact that the Dems have taken control of the legislature, but ignore that for now. Why wasn’t it “time” after the 100th, or 500th, or thousandth incident of inner-city gang-rivalry killing?

    It’s senseless stuff such as this — both the horrible crime, and the equally horrible political hay-making, that want me to go Galt as much as anything else.

  10. Kevin3% Says:

    “So how do you even feel what one decent human being should feel toward suffering others — when over the bodies of the dead you can already see the political vultures circling?”

    They are the Blood Dancers. Reveling in the blood of innocence before the bodies are cold. Civilian disarmament is now on the radar. Now, with the tears of a most compassionate charlatan to highlight the need for what is always referred to as “sensible”, “common sense legislation” and it begins. He is unrestrained by concern for reelection. His base believes the results of the election are a mandate for that “new Amerika” vision. Time to set things right and righteous. For the children, you know.

    ..and Kent is exactly spot on! Not backing up anymore….not another inch.

  11. Kevin3% Says:

    to answer the question; TEARS OF RAGE!

  12. Rooney Says:

    I’m in CO. as well and I think we can kiss private FTF sales goodbye.
    Next?…Tracking ammo sales and a ban on hi-cap magazines.

    I hope I’m wrong….

  13. IndividualAudienceMember Says:

    Political vultures, eh.

    That seems fitting.

    So, what’s this guy, a worm?:

  14. Mic Says:

    I am both horrified and saddened by the unspeakable evil that was perpatrated this day. However like most of you it is hard to take time to grieve because I know the freedom sucking scum are reveling in the opportunity that has been presented to them. Sadly in the weeks and months to come we will find that one of the victims of this day was our freedom.

  15. gypsy Says:

    My friend had this to say about today’s events and I full heartedly agree

    “Before the shell casings have even been logged into evidence and the bodies laid to rest, this act of pure evil has opened the flood gates for the uneducated masses to voice their emotional and baseless opinions.

    Violence is a part of nature. No creature on this earth is exempt from it. Violence has shaped human society since the dawn of man and only people who have accepted this fact and prepared to meet evil with force have ever stopped it.

    If you are one of the many who are commenting about this awful day- be outraged.

    Be outraged that it happened and that those that could have stopped it were bound by the same laws that were violated to cause it. Be outraged that you were by definition considered equals with the scum that did this by lawmakers who are all to happy to place you like fish in a barrel by putting you and your loved ones in areas with no legal protection while they surround themselves with security.

    Be outraged if you lack the ability to comprehend that nothing good has ever come by disarming good people.

    Be outraged if you lack the mental and emotional fortitude to defend yourselves and your loved ones and would demand the disarming of those who would keep you and your right to be fodder safe.

    Evil Exists. Be prepared to meet it or prepare to bow down to it.”

  16. Matt, another Says:

    In light of the various mass shootings the last few weeks, I am inclined to wonder if we are seeing truly random acts. Big loss of freedom has always been proceeded by horrible acts. The Clinton administration tried hard to push massive anti freedom legislation (patriot act) after Ruby Ridge, Waco and the Murrah building. They only got the assault weapon ban though. It took 9/11 to get the patriot act. After every mass shooting, there is a call for gun control even more draconian than the previous calls. Every time the perp is a crazy person everyone knew was crazy. Crazy person is still able to acquire weapons, munition, explosives, develop detailed plans and carry them out. I sense a pattern that goes beyond coincidence. Could the rash of shootings be to tip the public to support thr U.N. small arms treaty?

  17. A.G. Says:

    Stepping away from all forms of media as needed helps. Proponents of freedom have a lifetime’s worth of struggle as their lot in life. Nothing wrong with taking a day or three off here and there.
    Pro-freedom radio/TV host Dave Champion is all over the place, challenging outspoken statists to come on his show and debate him. So far, no takers. He has more stomach for the world’s insanity than I do.

  18. EN Says:

    My blood ran cold… but not after the shooting, after watching Obama on TV. I thought, “he’s faking it”. At times I was sure he was going to break out laughing. I guess no one escapes with their freedom for free. It looks like we shall have to fight Mordor for it.

  19. J Says:

    I’m just really sad for humanity. Killing of those kids plus thinking about Jews for the Protection of Firearms Ownership and their genocide chart and formula: Hatred + Government + Disarmed Civilians = Genocide which seems prescient.

  20. Kevin Wilmeth Says:

    Just contemplating the loss is horror enough for any parent. For my part, I do not take that away from anyone, just as no one can take it from me.

    Then there is the seething fury part. It comes from the faux piety so eagerly shoveled at us by those who make a profession–a f#$king profession–out of exploiting disaster to advance their social goals. From the uncritical regurgitation of the same damn talking points that the disarmament machine has been using to ply its cynical, relentlessly dehumanizing trade for generations (and f$%kall, does this machine grind into action with depressing speed). And of course from the unshakeable commitment to guarantee that whatever we do, we don’t do anything crazy, like reconsider the very damn concept of proxying out our own physical safety to a remote “other”–thereby guaranteeing the next leisurely massacre.

    I can sympathize with Joel’s “I’m a jerk” remark, but those thoughts don’t come out of nowhere, either. Today, Grigg did a great job with the crocodile tears angle, and hell, considering that Gunwalker seems to have been a deliberately planned manufactury of corpses (hey, they’re just Mexicans, right?) to support an otherwise unsupportable meme, the bastards have more than earned the suspicion.

    It just doesn’t seem that complicated, you know? Law failed, and put the decent at the mercy of the indecent…again. I certainly know plenty of people that don’t like that realization–that’s not the way it’s supposed to work, see?–but the truth requires no consent.

  21. Mark Call Says:

    “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)

    It’s not JUST that such Evil is out there, and obviously growing. It’s that all of us know – whether we want to admit it or not, even to ourselves – that THIS particular event was somehow, somewhere planned by someone (perhaps, and maybe even PROBABLY, by several someones) while others eagerly awaited it, and have planned carefully how to exploit it.

  22. MamaLiberty Says:

    The idea that the “teachers” should be armed is misguided and a distraction. The usual liberal “teacher” would be the last to accept such a solution at best.

    Why do people who care… and know better… send their children to these government indoctrination camps? They are increasingly dangerous even apart from the indoctrination, being a maelstrom of drugs, gangs and so much more besides the occasional massacre.

    Find, fund and insist on free market, private education of your own children – even if you can’t homeschool. Get the children away from these killing fields now.

  23. puptent Says:

    Listened to a psychologist interviewed on the radio (East Coast Professor) and it turns out that for the past multiple (I’ve forgotten the number of decades he mentioned, but it was a substantial amount of time) the USA averages 20 mass killings per year, with an average of 150 victims. Some years a little more, or less, but surprisingly steady, even with population growth. I’m not suggesting that there’s any great or hidden meaning in these statistics, but rather that Evil is a constant in our world and it occasionally is expressed in the most horrifying way (beyond imagination!) possible. And, if not as equally disturbing, but disturbing still, people will use this tragedy to further their agenda. Momma says, “Evil is as Evil does.”

  24. LarryA Says:

    We take classes, we put up with background checks, we practice, we stand ready. There are ten times as many of us as there are law enforcement officers.

    Time after time after time after time after time mass killers strike precisely in those venues where we are prohibited from carrying, where our hands are tied, where all our preparation and willingness to put our lives on the line go for naught.

    Yet somehow when, unopposed, they kill dozens of innocent people, it’s our fault.

  25. Christine S. Says:

    I’m kind of with Joel. When I first heard the news I thought, “Thank the heavens my child is homeschooled.” Then I thought about when she goes out into the world, to a movie, to a mall, to college and realized no one is safe. ESPECIALLY not schools or public institutions where they post gun bans, prohibiting others from standing up and stopping these madmen before they have a chance to kill the innocent.

    Also, a young woman who I have since de-friended on FB, posted a picture of JAKE Lanza, the older brother, going on and on and about how hollow his eyes looked. When I pointed out that it was ADAM not Jake, and suggested she take down the photo before someone innocent got hurt, she defended it by putting all the blame on the Associated Press. She refused to take down a picture that, shared with the right people (hot-headed morons like herself) could get the poor guy killed.

    Thus illustrating the REAL problem here in America. Legions of children and now young adults without any sense of responsibility, accountability, or the apparent basic intelligence to admit, “I screwed up, I’ll take that picture down now and hope that a guy who just lost his mother and brother and was arrested by police might actually survive the shitstorm his life has become.”

    I cannot abide idiots. Especially ones who revel in their idiocy like a dog rolls in excrement.

    And we are surrounded by them.

  26. LarryA Says:

    10 Heartwarming Stories of Heroism From the Sandy Hook Shooting

    MamaLiberty, I’ve had teachers in my concealed carry classes. Not all of them fit your image.

  27. Mr Galt Says:

    Claire, you captured in only a paragraph exactly how I feel about these events, and what is now unfolding before our eyes.

  28. MamaLiberty Says:

    Larry, there are always exceptions. And some places are better than others. We probably have a high proportion of gun owning teachers here than a lot of places. But I’ve never talked to one who was even willing to question the “wisdom” of the no guns policy in schools. Not one.

    I’ve known a lot of “public school” teachers, and taught in a community college myself once. The majority of them are on the gun control – people control bandwagon.

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