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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Ironies from North Carolina;
new gun-rights link on the blogroll

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Two from North Carolina:

Vehemently anti-gun state senator (they have those even down south, apparently) shoots an intruder. How many times can these self-righteous hypocrites get away with this kind of thing before slinking away into the murk from which they’ve barely emerged? (H/T G for the link.) (NOTE: LarryA caught that this is actually an old story. But the follow-up (link in the comments) is quite interesting.)

Gun center gets overwhelmed after it offers free training to teachers.


Thanks to jed, I’ve added Bob Owens’ blog to the blogroll under Self-Defense Rights.

That’s one powerful voice. I fear he’s a little too optimistic about Americans’ willingness to take a stand. But boy, does he say what he says with a wallop.

12 Responses to “Ironies from North Carolina;
new gun-rights link on the blogroll”

  1. LarryA Says:

    Apparently the shooting happened in August, 2009.
    Scanning through, the incident turned into a real circus.

  2. Claire Says:

    Sorry to have blogged old news, LarryA! But that follow-up certainly was interesting.

  3. LarryA Says:

    Teacher training is happening down here in Texas as well.
    “The local firm’s owner, Josh Felker, advertised the class Dec. 17, three days after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. All 400 available slots were booked within 24 hours, Felker said.”

  4. The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit Says:

    Despite being past its sell-by date, our lovely and gracious hostess asked the question, “Vehemently anti-gun state senator (they have those even down south, apparently) shoots an intruder. How many times can these self-righteous hypocrites get away with this kind of thing before slinking away into the murk from which they’ve barely emerged? (H/T G for the link.)”

    Answer: Forever. Being anti-gun means never having to say you’re sorry for actually using one. Remember Carl Rowan and the Hot Tub Shootout? Or Senator Feinstein’s concealed .38s? Key here is that the aristocrats subscribe to the Hideoshi Toyotomi theory of armed peasants – “It just makes it difficult to collect taxes when they have swords.”

  5. ILTim Says:

    I’m really enjoying the Bob Owens blog, thanks for sharing that.

  6. Tom Blanton Says:

    Here’s one more reason why libertarians should not rely on stale op-eds from right-wingers about evil liberals – they make a lot of shit up. It always seems that when a conservative reveals the hypocrisy of liberals, they reveal an equal amount of their own.

    According to Snopes, Soles was not an anti-gun extremist and was given high marks by the NRA’s Political Victory Fund PAC.

    Besides, who needs Soles when Feinstein exists who routinely engages in self-revealing hypocrisy?

  7. Claire Says:

    Well, though I can see I may have blown it on several counts by posting that link, high grades from the NRA don’t mean one damn thing.

    I used to watch their grading pretty carefully when I was involved in politics. I saw them give “A” grades to people that I personally thought were anti-gun sucks. They had a habit of giving good grades for political wheeler-dealer reasons having very little to do with a politician’s actual views & actions on firearms. I see even the local gun group, according to Snopes, called Soles “mediocre.”

    And just last month, two of their “A” graded Dems were among the first to call for more gun control after the Newtown shootings — a fact NPR didn’t let any of their listeners miss for days.

    But I am sorry that I blogged an old link and blogged without checking further. That was sloppy of me. But if a local gun group called the guy “mediocre,” I might very well consider him virulently anti-gun. Dunno.

  8. Tom Blanton Says:

    I didn’t mean to give you such a hard time, Claire.

    One thing an “A” from the NRA means is that no hardcore anti-gun freak is going to embrace a politician getting an “A”. Which, considering that the NRA wants 20,000 gun laws enforced, is in fact meaningless.

    Another thing is that no politicians are really anti-gun, they are against armed citizens. They want their flunkies and enforcers armed with the deadliest weapons available and an endless supply of ammo. As the bastards look over their shoulders, they probably are anti-baseball bat and anti-knife also.

    As long as there is government (and the politicians result from that), there will be gun control. Accordingly, it stands to reason that ALL politicians are for gun control (for citizens) as evidenced by their holding office in government.

    The political hacks of the NRA sure seem to be for gun control judging by their endless babbling about how government should enforce the existing 20,000 gun laws.

    Conservative or liberal, the hypocrisy never ends when it comes to statists on gun issues and every other issue.

  9. Claire Says:

    Tom, giving me a hard time is a-okay, especially under the circumstances. Even moreso if it results in an exchange that elicits a response like the one you just added.

    I gotta remember to steal that line: “No politicians are really anti-gun; they are against armed citizens.”

  10. Concealed Carrying Cyclist Says:

    The NRA seems to give ‘A’ ratings to politicians who support the NRA (with ‘Lifetime Memberships’) more than those who support gun rights.

    “When an institution becomes self-perpetuating, the people become secondary.” — Ojo Taylor*

    Unfortunately, in this instance, the above quote applies to both the government AND the NRA.

    * – You won’t find this on wiki quotes, but if you google “3-28-87”, you can find a recording of it at the start of track 1.

  11. Kent McManigal Says:

    I wish I knew how many anti-gun “laws” there really are. The last time I mentioned the 20,000 number, I was told that is a number without basis. (I suspect it is greatly under-reporting the true number now.) But I was told that no one has to live under all the anti-gun “laws” since many are really the “same law”, just enforced in different regions. Of course I mentioned that the true number isn’t important since even one anti-gun “law” is too many, and is a violation of a fundamental human right. And anti-liberty bigots who support anti-gun “laws” will never admit there are too many, no matter what the real number might be.

  12. just waiting Says:

    Googling 3-28-87 gave me what is starting out as a magnificent Dead show from Hartford. Not a sound board recording, but still pretty good.
    Thanks ;)

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