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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links, a cute cat video, followed by vigorous cussing at WordPress

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

And now here’s a real cat burglar:

Thanks to H for the laugh. And if — once again — WordPress strips out the video embed code at the moment this blog entry goes live, here’s where you can see what WP stole:

WordPress has apparently for a long time had a “feature” (not a bug) that removes videos when you use their WISIWYG blog editing function. I never use that. Their latest upgrade (sic) has expanded that lovely feature to the editing function I do use — which regularly ruins posts that I schedule for later appearance, like this one, which is going live in the middle of the night.

Thank you SO much, Dear People of WordPress, for deciding that I really don’t need to post cute cat videos after all.

The rest of you, don’t worry. I’ve learned to save the video codes. Once a blog has gone live, WordPress does kindly allow me to put it back in. So you won’t suffer a shortage of adorable kitties and cute puppies for long. (I know that’s why you really come here, after all.)

9 Responses to “Tuesday links, a cute cat video, followed by vigorous cussing at WordPress”

  1. Concealed Carrying Cyclist Says:

    Came across this on a web comic I read… And figured it just HAD to be posted here:

  2. Concealed Carrying Cyclist Says:

    OK… so, no embedded html. Try #2, just pasting in the direct url:

  3. Claire Says:

    Yeah, that’s good, CCC.

  4. MamaLiberty Says:

    Thanks, Claire. From the response I’ve gotten so far, the “…FBI in my soup” will have to join the ever growing list of things I need to turn into novels.

    Why couldn’t I have started this 50 years ago? I’ll have to live to be 200 to have any hope of finishing all of it. :)

  5. Bear Says:

    When I was blogging, .gov visitors and commenters made up a rather significant percentage of the total. Web site still gets a lot of traffic for some strange reason.

  6. LarryA Says:

    Rapid DNA takes all lunch? You mean it isn’t like on “CSI?”

    Creative way to get a cell phone back, but I think I’d have done it in a way that didn’t involve giving the guy my home address.

  7. jed Says:

    I used to like WordPress. Not sure now, and if I start blogging again, I’ll probably use something else. The vid embed thing is puzzling, as I can’t think of a reason for an editor function to just remove things. However, maybe Oliver (?) can look into a WP vid plugin?

    Go to and search for video, there’s a ton of ’em.

    ML, nice story. Secession might be the only way to escape the left-coastian “Progressive” agenda, without having a complete collapse. But it would be very messy.

  8. jed Says:

    Speaking of secession, Kevin, of The Smallest Minority blog, linked to Would States Secede to Protect Their Citizens? Well, I certainly have no hope of that. I’ve read arguments that secession is not allowed, as part of whatever agreement or compact is made when a state joins the Union. Well, pshaw! The whole point of it is that you’re declaring you’re no longer bound by that anyway. I once wrote a pretty decent comment about that, someplace. Well, some nice quotes in that piece anyways.

  9. LarryA Says:

    Modern-day states seceding from the U.S. is exactly as legal as the Revolution.

    I.e. “Winners make the rules.”

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