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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Western Rifle Shooters Roundtable (Today!)

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Y’all might want to spend time at the Western Rifle Shooters blog this morning and early afternoon.

There’s going to be a roundtable discussion going on. It’ll begin about 9:00 10:00 a.m. EST with a group of notable freedomistas (which includes me and I don’t know who else, though I’ve heard rumors of some great gunfolk) speculating about the present and future of freedom in the U.S.

Around 10:30 or 11:00 (or ?) EST, “Concerned American,” the doyen of WRSA, will be opening up comments. Readers will be able to use comments to ask us questions.

The whole thing will continue until 3:00 p.m. EST, with participants answering as many reader questions as we can.* (Since I’m three hours earlier than all this EST stuff, I’ll have to break and take the dogs for their morning constitutional at some point, not to mention the trivial matter of working for a living. But I’ll keep popping back in.)

Not quite sure how all this is going to work. So we’ll just wing it and see. Should be interesting and fun. So join in!

ADDED: And here (belatedly) is the direct link to the roundtable.


* Please don’t ask me, “Is it time yet?” Okay?

22 Responses to “Western Rifle Shooters Roundtable (Today!)”

  1. Pat Says:

    T. L. Davis said in _That One Unifying Moment_: “I think the only thing we need to free us to action is a common signal, a sign, a tattoo even signaling others that we died in their cause, not just as a nut that the cops had to put down before we did an evil thing. A unified identity.”

    How about “Time’s Up” written on the equivalent of dog tags – a necklace with a round disc, or bracelet/wrist strap with the words engraved on it?

  2. MamaLiberty Says:

    “Please don’t ask me, “Is it time yet?” Okay?”

    We each must answer that for ourselves, of course. Anyone who has to ask someone else hasn’t given it enough thought yet.

  3. just waiting Says:

    Is it time yet???

    What I have really taken to heart from all my hours reading and thinking about the conversations on this blog is this: Freedom comes from within, its more about the mental state than the physical one.

    Since MOTP will do as it pleases with no thought of its citizenry, freedom, to me, is about limiting the influence and control Mordor has. Until there’s s physical place to do that, a place free from threat of the bluehats, we have to do it in our minds.

    Is it time yet? Its always time to think freedom.

  4. just waiting Says:

    Claire, is there a link for just the roundtable, or a hint where it is to be found on the site? Thanks

  5. Claire Says:

    jw — No link yet. And I’m not sure whether they’re going to try to put the entire roundtable under one link or break it up into parts. Once it starts, though (which should be like right now), it should be at the top of the blog.

    If there’s just one link for the whole thing, I’ll post it once I know it.

  6. IndividualAudienceMember Says:

    … Does anybody really know What time it is?
    …. Does anybody Really care?

  7. Claire Says:

    LOL, IAM.

    Well, apparently the folks at WRSA don’t know and maybe don’t care. The RT is 40 minutes late getting started. Sigh.

  8. Pre-press veteran Says:

    Will it be recorded?

    I’m trying shift my butt from in front of the computer, to actually getting things done – that I need to do, before “it’s time”!

  9. Claire Says:

    Oh, this isn’t a roundtable as in “we all sit around and talk.” It’ll all be in writing. So in that sense it’ll be recorded. But not in the camera one … camera two sense.

    BTW: Updated start time 10:00 EST

    BTW2: Our first Q&A’s are pre-prepared. But once it’s open to comments, it’ll be more real-time.

  10. Jake MacGregor Says:

    well played Claire

  11. Claire Says:

    Thank you, Jake.

    But I do go on. Everybody else is so pithy. Me, I write TOMES.

    I like David Codrea’s input a lot. Both what he says and how he says it.

  12. Claire Says:

    BTW, they’ve got things set up so that every individual comment has to be moderated. And Peter has a day job. So this is going slowly. I’ve made several responses that haven’t gone live yet & I’ve asked if they can change the mod policies to allow previous commentors to post again sans moderation.

    Soon I’ll have to go off to walk the dogs, though.

  13. Jake MacGregor Says:

    why say a little when you can quote Steinbeck? :)

  14. Bear Says:

    IndividualAudienceMember: … Does anybody really know What time it is?

    ‘Way too late.

    …. Does anybody Really care?


  15. just waiting Says:

    Wasn’t planning to, but spent my day reading and thinking about all the things that were said here.

    Thanks to all who particpated, it was a forum like no other I have ever attended.

  16. Claire Says:

    And thank YOU, JW — and some other familiar faces — for participating.

    I agree it was interesting, educational, and (for me at least) fun. I was out of my depth on some of the military/strategy questions. But that’s okay; there was something for everybody.

  17. taarealitycheck Says:


    Thanks for participating (and your responses to my questions as well). I appreciated your comments (even if you thought they were somewhat opposite of my own opinion on things, but that’s ok! It’s nice to get a different viewpoint from time to time.

    We’re in deep trouble in this country and anyone who doesn’t see it yet is already on the wrong side of the equation.


  18. Claire Says:

    RickD — Thanks for your graciousness, as well as your interesting comments in the roundtable.

    I’ve been feeling guilty for my “begging” remark! But I agree; it’s good to get a variety of viewpoints.

    Alas, I also agree we’re in deep yogurt — and headed deeper.

  19. R.L. Wurdack Says:

    Most excellent, Claire. TNX.

  20. Karen Says:

    Just came across a link to the round table discussion. I don’t know how complete it is.

  21. Claire Says:

    Duh, I never did post the direct link. Just got carried away. Karen, yours isn’t quite complete, but thanks for the reminder.

  22. Taarealitycheck Says:

    “I’ve been feeling guilty for my “begging” remark! But I agree; it’s good to get a variety of viewpoints.”

    Do not feel guilty. lol. I asked the question because I’ve been berating people to write their Congresscritters IN SPITE of the fact that it appears they don’t listen.

    I believe it is simply the right thing to do. Not to beg them, not to ask, but to TELL. We’re long past the “ask nicely” phase and I don’t believe that they will ignore enough of us saying, “Get your bloody, grubby hands of my guns you animals” (Apologies to Mr. Heston).

    As I stated, I don’t “beg”. I tell. Whether they listen or not isn’t my problem, I have done my part (and continue to write even now).

    Some say “That puts you on a list”, others say “They don’t pay attention to us!” – I say “quit whining and write anyway”. Lists are nothing. They know all our social security numbers, where we work, how much we make, how many kids we’ve got, they probably know some, if not all the guns we own already (without a list). In my case, I was “one of them” for so long they have multiple copies of finger prints, retinal scans, card numbers, badge numbers and the military probably knows and has recorded how well I shoot (I got a couple of awards for that, so even that is recorded).

    My name is well known, my place of business very well known and my address is found on google. You can’t NOT find me if you’re looking.

    My point is… I stand by my good name, I stand by what I say and I stand by my oath I took to support and defend the Constitution. My writing letters might have no effect, but thousands of us writing millions of letters DOES make them pause.

    In the end… we can say we honestly tried, we worked through the system and did everything legally, first. When anything else comes to pass, there will be no more excuses.

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