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etc. - a little of this, a little of that - by Oliver Del Signore

Why does the left want to silence Rush Limbaugh?

Friday, May 4th, 2012

Why does the left want to silence Rush Limbaugh?

Rush Limbaugh

Is Rush exposing truths that Media Matters and NOW don’t want you to hear?

Do they believe they are the only ones who should have a voice in American culture and politics?

What, exactly, are they afraid of? Their own irrelevancy?

And why isn’t media at all levels barbecuing them for attempting to force him off the air? After all, if NBC or The New York Times or any media outlet happens to take a position the left doesn’t like, they could be next.

I suppose we should not be surprised at this new left-wing campaign to censor speech they don’t like. It’s the way they have always done things. Just try to advance certain conservative arguments on many college campuses, for example, and you’ll find yourself accused of hate speech, or worse.

If Media Matters and NOW and the rest of the loony left really want to smack down Limbaugh, they should do so with facts, on the air. Start and support their own radio shows, maybe even their own nationwide network where they can present their case and make their arguments and…oh, right. Air America. Nobody listened. Didn’t they file for bankruptcy a couple of years ago?

Hmmm…liberal talk radio goes bankrupt…Limbaugh makes millions every year…now I  get it.

They’re jealous.

How sad.

Why do you think the left is going after Rush Limbaugh?

11 Responses to “Why does the left want to silence Rush Limbaugh?”

  1. Matt, another Says:

    They want to silence Rush because he speaks the truth. Media Matters and NOW are totally commited to pushing lies and will try to destroy the truth when it is spoken. I don’t care much for Rush Limbaugh’s style, but he is effective and should be judged by the quality of his enemies.

  2. Tom Says:

    I’ve found that folks on the far left, and sadly the far right sometimes, don’t want to allow any viewpoints besides their own. Some of the most “tolerant” people I know are some of the most intolerant if you don’t agree with their politics. Most who want to silence Rush fall into this category.

  3. Melissa Says:

    I agree. The left is scared because Rush is speaking the truth. They will do whatever it takes, even censorship, to prevent truth from being proclaimed.

  4. Brett Alexander Gross Says:

    The left, middle, and even some dignified conservatives are going after Mr. Limbaugh because he is offensive. He speaks to entertain, not help or solve problems. When he is highly offensive, even slanderous, advertisers pull out of his show. (Recent example is when he called a female law student “a slut” and then asked to see videos of her engaged in intercourse because she spoke to Congress about her beliefs on contraception.) Even conservative companies are starting to show their distaste for Mr. Limbaugh by not advertising on his show.

    So if you think it is the far lefties “censoring” Mr. Limbaugh you may want to look a little closer to the middle and right and see the companies that have had enough of him.

  5. nicerthanyouraveragebear Says:

    “Why do people want to listen to Rush Limbaugh?” is an even better question. I’m not left or right, but I’ve listened to his show before. He’s mean, sarcastic, and cruel. He does nothing to improve society. In my opinion, that makes him a waste.

  6. Gina Jackson Says:

    Those who demand tolerance from everyone else are the least tolerant of all. They feel only liberals have the right to free speech. If anyone else has a differing opinion, no matter what reason, they gleefully call them bigots, racists, homophobes, ignorant, etc. In their minds, the only valid opinion is their opinion.

  7. Marian Says:

    I too would like to silence Rush. I do so every time he comes on the radio, by changing the station. That is the way it is supposed to work. We each have the right to speak our minds and we each have the right to watch, read or listen to whoever or whatever we choose. I chose not to have cable in my home as it became too hard to control what my children were watching. It never occured to me to lobby to have cable banned in all homes. My goodness, what a dull world it would be if we all believed and behaved exactly the same!!

  8. Leonard Barnes Says:

    Entertainment is and always will be entertaining to some and downright hogwash to others. You get to pick what you want to listen to, so far. If you are not happy, turn it off or change to another entertainer more fitting to what you want to hear. Most of us have no problem finding what we consider entertainment in one way or another. I won’t turn your radio off, please don’t make me turn mine off even if you find mine offensive. I don’t watch Saturday morning cartoons but you can if you want to.

  9. Elizabeth Says:

    I’ve hardly ever listened to the radio, but when I hear horror stories like the one about the girl who was harassed at school because everyone caught word that she was on contraceptives and other students’ parents had listened to him, then got nasty ideas in their heads because of it, that’s where I draw the line. People can’t even use their brains to figure out that everyone who uses contraception is NOT, in fact, a whore? Speaking truths may be one thing, but speaking opinions as if they were the gospel is a bit foolish in today’s world, don’t you think? Inflammatory speech like that is simply supposed to be entertainment, and you know what? SHAME on people who considered bashing things and people they know NOTHING about to be entertainment. Monkeys.

  10. Kary Herbel Says:

    Personally, I do not think anyone should be silenced from expressing their opinon, but do I also belive in building up vs. tearing down, and the latter is far easier. I think that disrecpect breeds disrespect, and that is a lot of what I hear from Rush. To disrspect someone else, means that you have nothing else to offer.

  11. Hanza Says:

    he called a female law student “a slut” .

    From what I’ve read about her (have never listened to Rush), she is a slut for wanting the tax payers to pony up for her recreational sexcapades.



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