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The editorial staff of Backwoods Home Magazine reads and appreciates all of the many and varied comments and suggestions we receive, via email and regular mail, from our readers. However, the sheer volume of mail received makes it impossible to respond to each one.

Issues of general concern will be addressed in the Publisher's Note or Letters sections of the magazine and/or on the website's Feedback page.


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In General

Mailing Address:

Backwoods Home Magazine
P.O. Box 712
Gold Beach, OR 97444

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Backwoods Home Magazine
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Fax — 1-541-247-8600

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time

Editorial / Business

Editor & Publisher:Dave Duffy
Business Manager:Ilene Duffy
Managing Editor:Jessie Denning
Senior Editor:John Silveira
Editorial Coordinator:Lisa Nourse
Letters to the Editor: or to mailing address above.

Articles & Submissions

Backwoods Home Magazine is always interested in good articles. If you feel you have something worthwhile to contribute, please click here to read our Writers' Guidelines before writing or submitting any material to:

Lisa Nourse, Editorial Coordinator: or to mailing address above.

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Change of Address

Please allow at least 6 to 8 weeks before you move so none of your issues will be mailed to your old address.

Remember — the Post Office will not forward magazines even if you do a change of address with them. You MUST change it with us, the publisher. The Post Office forwards ONLY First Class mail.

Send the following information to

If you are ONLY changing your email address, please include:

Your old email address
Your new email address
The date when the new address becomes effective
Which of these lists you might be on:

  • Subscriber/Customer (Also include current information listed below)
  • Newsletter/Special Offers

If you are a Subscriber/Customer and you are moving, please include:

Current/Old information:

Subscriber/Customer's Full Name
City, State Zip/Postal Code
Country (if not USA)

New Information:

Moving Date
Subscriber/Customer's Full Name
City, State Zip/Postal Code
Country (if not USA)