Backwoods Home Magazine

Issue #118 of Backwoods Home Magazine. July/August, 2009

Issue #118

July/August, 2009

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6  Publisher’s Note

7  Editorial:
      Golf’s critical life lessons are under threat

63  Ask Jackie:
      Shelf life of canned meats, arsenic in well water, elderberry extract, goat’s milk, planting in tires, etc.

30  Ayoob on Firearms:
      The ammo shortage and what to do about it

43   Poem: Let in the Light

46  Irreverent joke page

79  Letters

84  The last word:
      The “risks” with swine flu

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This issue’s cover is a watercolor by Don Childers, BHM’s longtime artist. It is a summer scene with log home, big garden, and kids returning from a fishing trip in the lake. A photovoltaic array in the front yard and a wind turbine behind the house provide the electricity to this remote home. Chickens in the foreground add to the feeling of self-reliance.

Farm and garden

8  Saving money in the garden

     By Gail Butler

16  Grasshopper control

     By Tom Kovach

Food and recipes

42  Apple and berry pies

     By Ilene Duffy

56  Wonderful wilderness teas

     By Linda Gabris


44  Building basics

     By Tony Jakacky


48  Solar hot water systems

     By Jeffrey R. Yago, P.E., CEM

68  Our energy crisis: Part 3

     By John Silveira


18  Preparing for civil unrest

     By Claire Wolfe

24  Cast iron

     By Jackie Clay

36  Appleseed boot camp

     By Susan Hogue

Making a living

40  Jamie Seegers: Buffalo soap maker

     By Sylvia Gist

41  Keith Kirkpatrick: Gymnastics Coach

     By Mackenna Marstall