Backwoods Home Magazine

Issue #43 of Backwoods Home Magazine. January/February, 1997

Issue #43

January/February, 1997

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Note from the publisher


Start your own newspaper


Where I live:
Nine-patch, baby and log-cabin quilts

Just for kids:
Fairies in your garden

Ayoob on firearms:
Teaching your lady to shoot

Homesteading on the electronic frontier:
Solar, wind and other independent energy information can be found on the Internet

Rough day? You need to sip some yeller wine
Make your own Old World culinary delights
These salads are hearty dishes

Book Reviews:
How to Build Your Own Log Cabin For Less Than $15,000
Making the Best of Basics

Original Poems:
John Earl Silveira


Independent energy



  • Here’s a cabbage with class — Early Jersey Wakefield
  • You can grow gourmet strawberries from seed

Self sufficiency

Country living

  • Considering life in rural Arkansas
  • Good-bye old friend