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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Claire Wolfe

Ignoring today

Monday, January 21st, 2013

I was happily ignoring the fact that today is the re-crowning of our Wise Monarch. Then Certain Persons (you know who you are, damn you) called it to my attention. Which did not brighten the day one bit, I have to tell you.

But then one of those Certain Persons made up for it by sending a cartoon that perfectly expresses the situation in terms that … well, I can relate to:

130128_cartoon_056_a17044_p465 bad place to be off the leash

14 Responses to “Ignoring today”

  1. Kent McManigal Says:

    Eh. Today is the same as yesterday is the same as tomorrow. The particular in-duh-vidual who claims to be Ruler makes no difference to me.

  2. Bill St. Clair Says:

    Thought of a dyslexic misspelling of Osame Bin Laden while hearing the emperor speak (my wife had it on in the next room).

    Obama sin laden

    Says a lot.

  3. naturegirl Says:

    Wonder what he really wanted to say instead of “states”……

  4. Jackie Juntti Says:

    The Current LOOTER IN CHIEF swore on the bible and day of that other LOOTER – Martin LOOTER KING.

    How could you ignore that, Claire (hahahahahahahaha)

  5. Claire Says:

    naturegirl — You mean where he used that nineteenth-century expression “these united States”? That struck me, too. Does he have the vaguest idea of the implications of that, other than thinking it sounds like grand rhetoric?

  6. Claire Says:

    Jackie — LOL, I didn’t even hear that part. Only heard the bits on NPR that I couldn’t escape between afternoon errands.

  7. Bear Says:

    “…today is the re-crowning of our Wise Monarch.”

    Correction “re-re-crowning”. Yesterday was the “re-“.

    Ummm… unless he had himself inaugurated twice the first time, too. Was anyone paying attention back then?

    Sheesh. A “public” inauguration after the official one, just to entertain the masses. I’m amazed he didn’t include chariots rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue tossing out loaves of bread.

    And to complete the circus, Michelle Antoinette could follow up with cake. Probably pre-collapse union-made Hostess cupcakes.

  8. Dave Says:

    To Jackie Junttiand:

    What did you mean by “day of that other LOOTER – Martin LOOTER KING.”

    Guess I am slow….just did not get your apparent joke.

  9. Jackie Juntti Says:

    hmm I thought it was pretty clear but her goes

    Martin “LUTHER” (LOOTER) King

    They both LOOTED all they could – both were FRAUDS.

  10. gooch Says:

    ( Claire Says:
    January 21st, 2013

    Jackie — LOL, I didn’t even hear that part. Only heard the bits on NPR that I couldn’t escape between afternoon errands.)

    Ditto. I had to turn the radio over to the local country station. At least they weren’t all wound up in the ego fest in Mordor-on-the-Potomac.

    ( Kent McManigal Says:
    January 21st, 2013

    Eh. Today is the same as yesterday is the same as tomorrow. The particular in-duh-vidual who claims to be Ruler makes no difference to me.)

    Yep me too. DD-SS [Different Day – Same Sheit]

  11. gregabob Says:

    Doing laundry today–at the laundromat both TVs were going with this pompous display. All the washers and dryers drowned out the rhetoric for the most part so I could enjoy reading some Mark Twain. After a while the TV got so annoying I had to go outside to read. Then it struck me–I was doing what politicians especially don’t want me to do-I was ignoring them. Not getting agitated, fulminating or hanging on every word, but turning my back and simply realizing they have no importance to me. Go somewhere else politician, I’m not interested. I’m not paying you any mind. Now back to Mark Twain’s adventures in world travel in the mid 1800s…..

  12. Michael W. Dean Says:

    We didn’t talk about politics at all on the Freedom Feens today. Felt good. The coronation would have made me vomit, literally.

  13. Matt, another Says:

    Worked outside all day improving perimeter fencing. No TV, No radio, no inaugaration. I did get my three felonies in though.

  14. MamaLiberty Says:

    I don’t watch TV, ever… don’t even have one. And I can’t understand anything said on radio, so don’t play that either. But just looking through my usual blog list and news sites yesterday morning, I got far more of the coronation crap than I could stomach just from the headlines.

    Went out to the range and put in some serious practice time instead.

    Not sure of any felonies committed Matt, but I blew through a dozen misdemenors anyway. :)

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