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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for the ‘Official thuggery, bad prosecutions, and bad law’ Category

Claire Wolfe

Resistance is (of course) not futile

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

David Codrea explains.

Amazing, though, how bloodthirsty the antis consistently are.

Claire Wolfe

Guest post: Truth in Government

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

I’m deadlining this week. Friend Sandy Sandfort has stepped in with an original two-parter about one of everybody’s favorite subjects: politicians moving their lips.

Sandy has a new website in the works. If you’d like to be notified when it goes live, contact Sandy at sandy-at-privilegedcommunications-dot-net (corrected address) with the subject line “new website notice.”

Sandy would also like to exchange some of his Bitcoin for USD (which can be sent to his U.S. bank, though he resides in Panama). Contact him at sandfort-at-gmail-dot-com if you’re interested in making the trade.


A Short Guide on How to Read Government “Tells”

By Sandy Sandfort

I don’t need to tell readers here that governments lie. We all know that lies are fundamental to manipulating the citizenry. This does not mean, however, that you shouldn’t pay attention to what government spokespeople say. If you know how to listen, you can gather vital intel to protect yourself and your family. By understanding why certain things are said—or not said—you can improve your chances of surviving government-created calamities and maybe even come out ahead of the game sometime.

Governments do have “tells” just like poker players. If you learn to read those tells, you have an edge over the other players at the table. Believe me, in America, with a third of a billion players at the table, you really want to have that edge.

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Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015
Claire Wolfe

Monday links

Monday, November 9th, 2015
  • In case you’ve wondered how a jury could watch a video of a cop executing a man in cold blood and still vote to acquit, it’s because authoritarian mind-warping is so very effective. Lisa Mearkle. Remember the name. Lisa Mearkle.
  • Idaho deputies ask rancher to put down an injured bull. Before he can, they put down the rancher. The family tell their story. I wonder what the “official” story will be.
  • In all the news about local cops getting away with murder, Jim Bovard reminds us that their federal brothers and sisters are still doing their share — and still untouchable.
  • Speaking of touching, root for Jim to win that Bastiat Award at the Reason Media Awards tomorrow. (If you click on his image, you’ll see what I mean about “touching.”)
  • Sorry for so much brutal linkage today. Want a little good news? Cannabis and “hippie beer” are helping small business startups to rise again after 30 years of decline. (Weird, though, that the WaPost writer thinks insufficient regulation is a threat to them.)
  • And Maryland — hysterically anti-gun Maryland — scraps its ballistic fingerprinting database. After 15 years. Five million dollars. And not a single crime solved by it.

Now for a few minutes forget it all and have some funny dogs:

Claire Wolfe

Thursday links

Thursday, November 5th, 2015
Claire Wolfe

Musings on fate, the future, and the struggle between central controllers and freedom lovers, part II

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

Part I is here

Take driverless cars, for instance. If we were in a less tech-perilous, tyranny-seeking time, I think most of us would be excited about them.

You and I may be skeptical about a specific new technology, but we tend not to be technophobes. We’re not ones who reject the new out of hand. We may not want to buy the first flying cars or be on the first ship to colonize Mars or the Moon, but we probably have friends who do want to and maybe even know a few who will. We jumped on computers years ahead of the average and were getting acquainted on BBSes before the Worldwide Web tempted slower adopters in.

So no, we don’t innately distrust tech.

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Claire Wolfe

Tuesday links

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

Must get a few things done this morning, then will return to the “musings” I began the other day. Meantime, here’s some linkage …

Claire Wolfe

Weekend links

Saturday, October 31st, 2015
Claire Wolfe

Oh heck, enough of my whining. Have some links.

Thursday, October 29th, 2015
  • Amish man sues to buy firearms without photo ID.
  • Those secretive, usually warrantless stingray units? Turns out they can record the content of phone calls; not just act as a locator. (H/T MJR)
  • Liberalthink: We MUST have the $15/hour minimum wage even if it puts people out of work.
  • The news just gets more dire for Obamacare’s race to the bottom.
  • Kevin Wilmeth asks, “How cool is Marilyn Williams?”, who defended her home with a precision air rifle (aka “sniper rifle” to the media).
  • I’m not sure how the term “social justice warriors” (SJW) came into such popular use. But I don’t like it. It’s too easy for the SJWs themselves to see that as a good thing. I think we should use a term nobody could learn to love (and a more accurate term, besides): pecksniffians.
Claire Wolfe

Traitorous senators overwhelmingly pass CISA

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Just now. 74 to 21.

I posted about Orwell, Rand, and CISA last week.

The data in question would come from private industry, which mines everything from credit card statements to prescription drug purchase records to target advertising and tweak product lines. Indeed, much of it is detailed financial and health information the government has never had access to in any form. The bill’s proponents said the data would be “anonymized”.

Cisa would create a program at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) through which corporations could share user data in bulk with several US government agencies. In exchange for participating, the companies would receive complete immunity from Freedom of Information Act requests and regulatory action relating to the data they share. DHS would then share the information throughout the government.

Well. All I can say is thank heaven those freedom-loving small-government Republicans are saving us from the excesses of those Eeeeevil big-government Democrats. Whatever would we do without them?

Claire Wolfe

Did somebody tell the gods it’s Monday?

Monday, October 26th, 2015

Or did the gods invent Mondays in the first place just to spite us?

Winter arrived yesterday evening and today we took our first dogwalk in it. That is, I stomped along determinedly while the dogs, in their rain jackets, stared at me aghast and demanded, “Can we go home now?”

While winter here in the NorthWET doesn’t involve six-foot drifts of snow or 30-below temperatures (ah, fond memories of Wyoming and Minnesota!), it tends to arrive as suddenly as if someone up there dropped it on our heads. Cold needles of rain are here to stay.


And of course this is the day that the driver-side door handle on Old Blue decided to explode — firing springs around the cockpit and thereafter refusing to open anything. Yes, today is the day I have to start rolling down the window and reaching outside to open the door.

Until I can figure out the fix. Peferably not in the rain.


It’s also the morning tens of thousands of identical spam messages decided to clog up my email. Literally tens of. Or so the counts and the sluggishness of the email works tell me. Repeated attempts to blacklist the sender and irretrievably delete the mails before their arrival succeeded only in sending them to the spam folder, from which I had to transfer them to the trash folder for a mass purge. After closing and reopening Thunderbird to kick it into gear again. And logging onto the the provider’s website when that wasn’t working.

Finally either something I did or something my provider did stopped the mailstorm.

So mary&^%$#@whoeverthehell!, I missed out on your tens of thousands of attempts to send me millions of Nigerian dollars. And BTW, I am not your Dear One. Not even close, baby.


Now pardon me if I go off and nurse my disgruntlements. Meanwhile, have a few good reads:

Nicholas Johnson and the WSJ bring a touch of honesty to the latest in victim disarmament.

Eric Peters talks about people who like to boss other people. (Big H/T LS)

And to end on a cheery note, the great Kevin D. Williamson talks about what’s going right with the world. And … um, what Rotarians and free markets have to do with it.

Claire Wolfe

Weekend links

Saturday, October 24th, 2015


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