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etc. - a little of this, a little of that - by Oliver Del Signore

Open your mouth and say “Ahhh” kid, or else

Saturday, April 28th, 2012

I apologize for stealing all the following for today’s blog post, but I simply could not have said it any better.

First, the story…

Drug Testing Policy Approved by School Committee
The committee approved the policy as a way to promote student wellness.

If a student at Westborough Public Schools is suspected of being drunk or high on drugs at school, officials may have that student submit to an alcohol breath and/or saliva testing or face disciplinary action. That is a new policy approved by the Westborough School Committee as part of the Westborough Schools Chemical Health Policy.

“We believe that the most effective deterrent to alcohol/drug use is openness and communication among students, parents and the school community, which corresponds with the attitudes and beliefs promoted in our school wellness programs and curriculum,” the policy states. “This collaborative effort is intended to enhance all aspects of school life in order to develop healthy, productive and high-achieving students.”

If the result of testing indicates that a student has consumed drugs or alcohol, school officials will release the student to the custody of a guardian and a meeting will be scheduled with school officials to discuss the findings.

If the testing is negative, the student’s guardian will be contacted by phone and informed of the testing.

If the student refuses to participate in the testing, the student’s guardian will be contacted and informed that the student may be subject to school disciplinary consequences based on an administrator’s determination that the student was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

Now the commentary by my favorite talk show host, Michael Graham…

MA School Bureaucrats Will Be Drug-Testing Your Kids Without Your Permission

And you’ll LIKE it!

After all, who are you? Just a parent? Who the hell cares what you think about how your children are treated.

The policy will work like this:

  1. Trusted, competent, merit-pay-earning school employee will determine that your son “appears impaired.”
  2. Your son will be told “We’re going to drug-test you, you trouble-making punk! Open your mouth and say ‘ah.’”
  3. Your son’s mouth will be swabbed and his saliva will be subjected to a drug screening.
  4. School bureaucrats will use the 100% reliable, never-a-false-positive tech and its instantly-delivered results—in a school, administered by amateurs—to determine your son is guilty.
  5. They will kick him out of school.
  6. If your young hellion of a son starts squawking about “privacy” or having some sort of “rights,” these helpful, understanding bureaucrats will call you and make threats about kicking your son out of school, anyway.
  7. If you don’t cave in and get your son to submit to this testing scheme, then an administrator will simply decide if he/she thinks your son “seems” impaired.

All of this at a public school that you are required to send your son to under penalty of law, run by people you pay out of your own taxes.

If this seems sane to you, please go immediately to your nearest public school. And request a drug test.

Because you must be high.

As I said, I could not have said it better.

Has it occurred to anyone else, yet, that the United States has become big old pot of water on the stove, and all of us “regular folks” who just want to be left alone are the frogs?

8 Responses to “Open your mouth and say “Ahhh” kid, or else”

  1. stryder Says:

    This is not new for the schools. They have been “in loco parentis” for years but when they were not allowed to beat your child anymore without jumping through hoops, they changed their methods and now they’re more loco than parentis. I noticed this back when they got the idea that any child who was disruptive MUST have ADHD or some other disorder, then they decided that a teacher , who went to a seminar for an hour , could diagnose this problem and you had to send your child to a Doctor to have them tested BEFORE they would allow them back into class. So, no, this doesn’t surprise me in the least.

  2. mike Says:

    In some Kentucky school districts, if a student wishes to participate in extra-curricular or co-curricular activities, sports, competitive marching band, etc., said student is required to submit to random drug screenings or is not permitted to participate.

    Same thing applies to vehicle searches if one wishes to park their privately owned vehicle on campus.

    And there is no requirement that the student appears impaired or possesses illegal substances / objects.

    But we all are much safer thanks to the omnipresent eye of our government keepers.


  3. EverAfterPatrick Says:

    Another argument in favor of home schooling.

  4. Marian Says:

    Yes it has!! The goverment schools do not have our childrens best intrest at heart. They exist to serve the government and whatever their aganda may be. I would like someone to explain to me how the schools have access to my childs medical data, such as shot records.

  5. Leonard Barnes Says:

    Get Federal government OUT OF SCHOOLS! Why wouldn’t a local school district run by local school boards be able to do the same? Because they would be fired or recalled by the voters in a nano-second. By accepting federal monies to “help” run our schools we let them run all over us. Their money is really our money, give it back to us (Stop taking it away from us) and let us run OUR schools the way WE want to run them. Or to put it bluntly, “BUTT OUT”

  6. Lisa Wilson Says:

    You have to give them the shot records when you go to public school or file papers at the health dept. for not taking the shots , which many parents don’t know you can do. I would pull my child out & home school, oh wait, I never sent him to public school. My son never had shots after 1 year old when I read about them & I home educated him . people will do anything to get the money.they are some children who have actually got the RFID chips in them. I read about it several years ago. Parents were told would give them $100 to get the chip & parents lined there kids around the block, you know most of them got to have drug money. Poor children don’t have a chance with parents that will let you be poked & prodded for money.another comment that was made by a Texas school official was that they belong to us since there are in our schools.

  7. Kary Herbel Says:

    I think that what parents on this website and others need to realize is that you will live next to others who are not edcucated to your standard of acamecid excellenc.
    At the same time, not every child can learn at the same rate or level, yet all can learn. Some of those students who cannont pass “standard” tests would run circles around other students when it comes to, for example, “kindness and honesty.”

  8. Kary Herbel Says:

    I think that what parents on this website and others need to realize is that you will live next to others who are not edcucated to your standard of academic excellence. Maybe the “governements” standards, or yours, are not everyone’s elses, but they are still your neighbors.

    At the same time, not every child can learn at the same rate or level, yet all can learn. Some of those students who cannont pass “standard” tests would run circles around other students when it comes to, for example, “kindness and honesty.”

    Be careful when you “flunk” students or schools. Both may be very good, just not measured by some standards set by the government.



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