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Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

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Archive for the ‘Mind and Spirit’ Category

Claire Wolfe

Quiet for a little while (and the tale of a non-me hermit)

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Well, despite the chaos, life — and work — goes on. I have an article deadline this week, so I may be quiet for a few days.

Rest assured the battle to save JPFO from sellout goes on. Although I’ve been standing here in public waving my arms and yelling, I’m really only a small part of the rescue effort. Smart people are on it!


While I’m off being a hermit writer, here’s a good read about a hermit who makes me (and even desert-buddy Joel) look like a real wimp. ‘Course, Joel and I didn’t resort to thievery. But this follow-up story from GQ on Christopher Knight, Maine’s infamous North Pond Hermit, is fascinating.

Yeah, GQ does seem like an odd place for a tale of a grubby hermit. Oh well.


Sign the petition to keep JPFO out of SAF’s hands. Over halfway to signature goal now! The board doesn’t want to listen? Make them hear the voices of JPFO members and donors.

Claire Wolfe

Sometimes you just have to be a pushy b*tch

Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

I think a few people were laughing about me feeling intimidated and being submissive to cranky county fair volunteers yesterday. Found it pretty funny, myself.

In real life, I’m mostly just a person who’d rather get along or talk things out than make a scene — until you really offend my sense of right and wrong. Once you get my righteousness up, you’d best get out of my way.

I’m dealing with an IRL situation like that this very minute.

On Sunday I mentioned a Bad Thing I’d been told (not asked) to keep confidential. It already felt wrong to keep shut about it since it potentially affected a lot of people.

Then late yesterday I learned that the few of us who thought we were in the know had been lied to. In one very, very, very important, not to say absolutely crucial, aspect, we’d been shined on. We’d been led to believe that the Bad Thing had one very good aspect.

It does not. Someone apparently decided to invent that one allegedly good point for reasons unknown. To keep the natives from getting restless, perhaps? I don’t know. But we were lied to.

Now … no more Ms Nice Guy.

Either these people back down from their nefarious plans — and put that in writing. Or it’s warpath time.

I’m trying to be constructive. I’ve been working on possible solutions with some of the others involved. People (other than those responsible) are diligently and intelligently trying to route around the damage. There are excellent colleagues ready not only to fight back but to build for the future. We’re taking practical steps, discussing alternatives. There’s hope in sight.

But now that we know we’ve been lied to, I’ve gone from “OMG, how can this be happening? What can we do about it?” to “If the people responsible for the Bad Thing don’t back off and get the hell out of the way ASAP, there’s going to be blood.”

Well, blood on the blogs, at least. Figuratively speaking.

With no firm ground to stand on, I demand that plans undone. I want resignations. I call for public disclosure.

Of course, that’s useless. I’m impotent. Powerless. I have absolutely zero ability to fix this mess by demanding, wanting, and calling. But I’m mad as bloody damned hell and certainly not going to take this Bad Thing or stand by quietly as it’s imposed on others.

Of all the things I angrily demand, public disclosure is the only one I have any control over. And I will use it.

Also, it’s just a plain fact that making this wretched business public is the right thing to do. It gives a greater chance of having new people come up with new solutions.

So far, all I’ve managed to do is make myself look like a pushy b*itch. Which I hate. But you know, there are signs it might actually work. We’ll see.

I’m holding to confidentiality — well, the threads of confidentiality — still today because a lot of innocent people are involved and because solutions still seem possible at this point without public ruckus raising. I do apologize for talking to you about the mess twice now without actually saying anything. It’s eating my guts out and it’s hard to find the right line to walk.

But if certain perfidious, secretive, lying authoritarians have not taken their plans and agreed to creep away in the next day or two …

Claire Wolfe

Monday links

Monday, August 18th, 2014
  • Why we get only idiotic reporting on guns from the MSM: one more data point. (And this from one of the reporters who was on the scene in Ferguson where rubber bullets were actually fired!)
  • Craigslist: Roof Koreans for hire. :-) (H/T AG)
  • MJR reminds me that it’s time to revisit Robert Peel’s nine rules for policing. Sort of encouraging that an MSM source ran that (even if a Canadian one).
  • “Paper Boys.” Inside the dark, profitable world of consumer debt collection. Eeew!
  • “Cigars, But Not Close.” Mark Steyn on U.S. police overkill.
  • “The Low-Information Diet.” A classic from Mr. Money Moustache. Such things have been said in these parts before, but always need re-saying. (Maybe one of these days yours truly will actually listen.)
  • Fools.
  • The yellow dog project. Good idea beginning to gain worldwide traction: yellow ribbons to identify dogs who may be nervous, old, rambunctious, ill or otherwise not appropriate to approach.
Claire Wolfe

If you get a notice that I’ve sent you an ecard …

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

It’s not spam. Jacquie Lawson cards will be going out today to roof-raiser donors. If you open yours, I can promise you won’t pick up any virii or have your mailbox hacked.

You might get an OD of cuteness, though.


ADDED: Whew! All cards have now been sent. If you donated and didn’t receive a card, please let me know. It could be because I don’t have a good email address for you or it could be I’m an idiot I got overwhelmed and missed you. Smack me upside the head and I’ll make up for it.

While composing cards, I also did some counting, even though the job severely taxed my supply of fingers and toes:

Sixty wonderful people have donated (with a couple more gifts perhaps still to come). Twenty donors sent $100 — or more! Eleven sent between $50 and $100. Everybody donated generously. You made my days and you made the roof-raiser a roaring success. This fundraiser exceeded its goal in an extravagant manner and in just a hair over two weeks.

As a little Hungarian lady I used to know would say (when she was very moved and surprised): “I’m ‘STOUND!”

Claire Wolfe

Defining ourselves

Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Friend of mine went to his high school reunion this summer. In school he was the uber-geek, the undisputed smartest kid in his class — which you can imagine didn’t sit well with some. Even now you can tell he learned his social graces by dint of hard work, and he’d rather eat worms than suffer fools.

But he’s gone on to be a successful international businessman and he wanted to see how his old friends are faring. He had some good times at the reunion, but was startled — and hurt — that a lot of people treated him just as they had when they were all raw kids. Same jokes. Same attitudes. Same view of him even though he’d changed enormously and led a fascinating life.

Well, maybe that’s just reunions. Some go to see how everyone has grown. Others haven’t grown at all and just want to relive their glory days — glory days in which they felt safely superior to smart but awkward geeks like my friend.

Maybe high schools are just dysfunctional families writ large.

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Claire Wolfe

A crappy day, a great day

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Today totally sucked. Today was totally blessed. That’s not as eloquent as, “It was the best of times; it was the worst of times.” But that line’s already taken.

Some of what follows is pretty personal. Don’t click on the more link if you hate that stuff.

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Claire Wolfe

Randomness and thanks in lieu of a blogosaurus

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

I’m working on a blogosaurus post, which I hope to have within the next few days. Meanwhile, here’s some randomness for you.

But first (and absolutely foremost), many thanks. Your generosity and support have been mind boggling. After the first red-hot week the roof-raising bleg looked as if it was going to stall out.

But nope. Old friends and new have just kept the funds coming. Robbie, Ava, and Kitsu the cat will all thank you for the dryness this winter. And you darned betcha, so will I.

Now, on to randomness, trivia, and the collection and dispersal of linkage …

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Claire Wolfe

Poverty vs poverty: Seven traits of the successful poor

Monday, August 4th, 2014

It’s a mystery why one person can be poor but still be proud, independent, and reasonably content while the guy next door is only content to slide into a swamp of misery, blame, slovenliness, dependence, and cigarette smoke.

I agree that Alchemist summed things up pretty well by observing, “Poor is a state of finance. Poverty is a state of mind.”

But why?

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Claire Wolfe

Poverty vs poverty

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

I once briefly dated a guy who lived from hand to mouth. He got by on about $600 a month, mostly donated by friends who thought he was a starving genius. Literally he never knew at the beginning of the month whether he’d have enough to make it to the end without going hungry.

He was also a mega-slob. But he always said that if he someday had enough money to live in a nice place he was sure his “naturally clean self” would keep it impressively neat and spotless.

At the time, I lived in a house that was tiny but a gem. I’d bought it from a young architect who’d remodeled it for himself and his family and it was a work of love. Mr. Naturally Clean Self would come over and after an hour it would look … well, just like his place. Grime on the counters. Cabinet doors left open. Jackets and shoes discarded in the middle of the floor, furniture askew.

Now I realize some people just aren’t into keeping a tidy house, and that’s dandy. But I laughed at his self-delusion.

He also believed that someday he’d be famous and fabulously wealthy as an author. But of course, he never put a word down on paper — while at the same time he wouldn’t think of holding an actual job or doing freelance work because that would disrupt his spiritual and creative flow.

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Claire Wolfe

Monday links

Monday, July 21st, 2014
Claire Wolfe

Monday links

Monday, July 14th, 2014
Claire Wolfe

Basketweaving, leather tooling, drugs and other therapies for staying sane

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Ah, the good old days at the Funny Farm. But that’s another story. No basketweaving, these days. No therapeutic leather tooling. No drugs (damn)! But I did spend this weekend on other mental-health therapies.

To wit …

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