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The 7 core areas of preparedness

Preparedness refers to the stockpiling of goods, supplies, knowledge, reference literature, and other essentials in order to better weather natural disasters, terrorist attacks, economic uncertainty, and other difficulties.

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Chickens: The most valuable animal on the homestead

When they are grown, hens provide a bounty of eggs, given happily and freely, to pay for their tender care.

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Adventures of a first-time homesteader

In November of 2015, my husband and I moved onto our 50-acre parcel of land in a 28-foot travel trailer — with no knowledge of homesteading…

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Five building tricks for super strong framing

Not every building needs to be built like the Rock of Gibraltar, but there are times and places when rigidity really counts.

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The final BHM print issue

Welcome to the final print issue of Backwoods Home Magazine. In this article, Dave Duffy gives his vision of our digital future, our expanded and revamped website, and the continuation of our big print anthologies.

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The Electoral College

They’re voting for people who spend hundreds of billions of our dollars, start wars that cost us our lives, and in general are influencing the course of history.

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Bovine basics

Fresh milk, cheese, and butter — what could be better? Owning your own cow can be one of the most satisfying of rural experiences… if you’re prepared.

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Build your own home in two years

The decision to buy a home is such a complicated operation that some vital facts become obscured during meetings with real estate dealers, lawyers and bankers…

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Determined woman builds distinctive vertical log studio

For a novice, there’s no thrill like the tactile kinetic experience of driving a 16-penny nail home in three blows…

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Baking bread

Homemade bread goes well with soups and stews, fills your kitchen with a delicious aroma, and lets you control the amount of salt and sugar, while eliminating unwanted additives found in commercial loaves.

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Cheesy fish chowder

I made this soup again just the other day in our magazine office for our staff and this time I added a big can of chopped green chilies.

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The chicken and the egg

Chicken is one of the world’s most consumed meats and eggs are on the tables of the vast majority of the world population.

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Great photos: Candle in the sky

This photo by John Silveira is of the setting sun over the Pacific Ocean off Gold Beach, Oregon.


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Avoiding common canning mistakes

Truthfully, I think everyone who is able should learn how to can. It is an easy, enjoyable, and frugal thing to do.

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Defending against terroristic mass murder

The more good people who are in place armed and ready to stop a terrorist attack, the less the toll of death and maiming and tragedy is going to be.

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Grid down battery devices

There are many battery-powered devices that will make life easier and continue to operate during an extended power outage.

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Survival depends on water

Potable water is an important part of preparedness planning. You can go without food for weeks but when you lack water for as little as two days, your body begins shutting down. Here are the real-life options.

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Which is better, a small town or city?

I feel fortunate to have made the transition from city to country life long ago because I feel at home and comfortable in the country.

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Raising rabbits

If you take pride and pleasure in growing your own organic garden foods and raising your own chemical-free meats, then consider rabbits.

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10 ways to make money on your land

There’s something very visceral about having your own piece of land, whether it’s a little scrap of green terrace or a vast expanse of fertile bottomland.

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The Forever Floor

It is waterproof for outside applications. It is easily repaired when damaged. It is slip resistant and easy to clean.

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Build a concrete root cellar

Because we wouldn’t have to pay for any manual labor, I researched prices, and estimated that the cost of the dig, plus the materials and concrete, would total about $5,000.

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How to grow garlic

Garlic is easy to grow, easy to store, and is not only one of the most commonly used ingredients in cooking around the world, but it has many health benefits as well. Let’s explore the world of garlic.

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Canning game meat

Pressure canners can be expensive but are well worth the investment for the peace of mind they afford knowing you’re doing it right!

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Where our farm animals come from

We don’t know how far back the domestication of animals goes. But we do know it is a process, rather than a single event.

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